Thursday, June 3, 2010

The cloak of ICT

We have noted the prominence of the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company recently in the Media, with the arrival of its Fibre Optic Cable and what seems to be the appointment of one of the younger CEOs in the history of the Company.

Both are welcomed but we hope the Company and its young CEO have both eyes opened as the government is sneaking around under this cloak of ICT Strategy.

For one the government owns 20% shares of GT&T and is privy to all information possible about its fibre optic cable, its arrival, its setting up and its promises.

This is the same government that is headed by Chief Tyrant who is bringing his own cable for ‘e-governance’ across the Brazilian Border. Is the Government using its position as minority shareholder to abuse the inside plans of the company - against the company itself? Knowing Jadgeo and Brassington, we see their betrayal of companies' secrets as a real possibility.

We understand that GT&T does not see Jagdeo’s cable as competition since according to Major General Retired Joe Singh his company was assured that Jagdeo’s cable is for ‘e-governance’ only.

If so, then Jagdeo ought to explain why he is claiming that he is breaking a monopoly and what about reducing bandwidth?

Jagdeo must also tell Guyana why he is pursing some call centres not to set up shop in Guyana because of unreliable bandwidth, does he plan to sell his to them and what about that doctor, his friend who needs this cable for this Phone Company something soon?

GT&T better keep their eyes open.

What about government selling their shares in GT&T? isn’t that still open?

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