Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Who gets my vote

Who will get my vote in 2011?

1) Whatever party that promise to investigate the lawless corrupt PPP regime.
2) Whichever party that promises litigation for the corrupt Brassington.
3) Whatever party that promises to bring Gerry Gouveia to justice - investigating from the days when he used the Army aircraft to transport drugs and other illegal items to the time when he and Brassington broke all the laws - where Gouveia was a sitting member of the NICIL board while being awarded the Duke Street property.
4) Whatever party that investigates the prepaid contracts that Queens Atlantic gets. Where they receive half the moneys up front to purchase the equipment that will supply the contract requirements. This was done for Ministry of Health contracts and GWI contracts.
5) Whatever party that investigates the amount of property acquired by Jagdeo - or approved by Jagdeo or Fip, Odinga, Robeson Benn, Eddie Boyer etc. All of these now hold or have part holdings for the big one.

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