Tuesday, June 8, 2010


It is time we do some of our own exposures!

Across Guyana, people are being silenced by the vicious attacks on their family, their businesses and their goodwill. Indeed for too long the nonsense has been going on, the slandering and down right nasty talk down of people perceived to be anti-government or anti-Pluck Pluck Pluck.

Run by Child Molester, First Lady and all around girl Kwame MCPhoy, the girls over at the New Garden Street Office can do little to hide anymore.

We hereby name the people behind de blog !
(George Bell here are your colleagues and one of them may be you.)

Here is Kwame ‘Black Pudding”, “Ms. Piggy”, “Buggerer”, “Molester” “Maid” “Madam Crier” “Bill Board poster” McPhoy.
She puts her feminine rants and 'buse every now and then when Mark B targets her as she uses the blog to cuss Tom, Dick, Harrilall, Stabroek, Kaieteur and Freddie.

Next is Bassu Dwarkha, Former QC boy and Tech guy for GINA and OP.
He sits in on Cabinet Meetings, he is responsible for updating the ‘blog’, he sometimes takes pictures but he is responsible for several posts.

Bass, beware you could be sleeping with the enemy and that’s how we got this info!
Employed since 2007 as an IT officer at the Officer of the President, Bassu D is no stranger to lauding the good Jagdeoites.

Next is one of the dumbest lawyers who will ever face the Courts in Guyana.
Trading on his name of his ignorant father and famous Cow Boy of the Nathoo Parlour,
Charles Ramson Jr is assigned to collecting and gathering intel as well and updating the blog with pieces of info he pulls here and there.

The bisexual boy who miraculously studied in England returned to Guyana in 2008 where he spent most of his ‘working’ days in the Company of Lumumba and working at New Garden Street.

And, the last but not least, blogger baby cub of the lot is the current employee of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission and one time traffic briber Robeson Benn Jr.

The little Benn is a playing propagandist trying to play in the big boys league as his father and grandfather did. Little does he know and will find out soon along with Kwame Mc, Pluck Pluck Pluck does very little for black people, especially those who think they can run things.

With all of this happening out of Office of the President, no wonder Jagdeo wants his own cable!

More to come!


  1. The other bloggers on LiveinGuyana are Ronald Harsaywack, Romel Roopnarine, Mark Ramotar and they are supervised by Prem Misir and Randy Persaud

  2. See the real chris ram http://skunts.blogspot.com/

  3. I know Charles ever since he was a child and I am in frequent and almost daily contact with him. He is a true intellectual and would never be a part of this sordid blogging war. He is one of the few individuals with morals and principles. At 24 he had already had a double masters in international law and commercial law. I wish him all the best and I hope he continues to work for the best interest of all the people of Guyana. He has massive potential and I expect big things from him.

  4. some people just have time to sit and do nonsense ....imagine the possibilities if they concentrated their energies to something positive???

  5. The "dumbest" people talk crap all the time.Is this guy serious? He can't possibly be talking about charles the young handsome sexy stallion. Charles isn't bisexual, actually if charles can, he would get rid of all the men on the planet to have all the WOMEN to himself. From what i've heard he also happened to give the greatest 'fuck' of all time,and he adores women. And by the way charles isn't the anywhere close to "dumbest" lawyer, he will be the greatest there ever was in Guyana. He was made to be the best at anything and everything. so stop hating, and no you cant be him or have him. Bisexual? You're insane, its called 'crack'!!

  6. This is Charles Ramson. I just wanted to inform this blog administrator and the public at large that I am not involved in any blogging of any sort.

    Whether I become the best or "dumbest" lawyer, only time will tell and it will be left to my peers and the members of the public to judge.

    Finally, the bisexual accusation is ridiculous. Prior to my reading this blog , if it was one thing that I was sure about it was that I would never be accused of is bisexuality or homosexuality. Nonetheless, for the record, I am not a bisexual.

    I understand that your mission is to post dirt on people that are pro-goverment. Everybody has a constitutionally protected freedom of speech in Guyana and I encourage everyone to exercise their right. All I would say is that there is no need to post false info about me or anyone.

    Thanks to the other people that have posted comments in my defence and in manifestation of their support for me.

  7. What do people mean about the "best" when referring to lawyers in Guyana, the whole system is corrupt and passing money dictates the outcome in most of the cases. Barry Dataram, Roger Khan, Rohee rape case, Navin Manniram killing Jailall case, Kellawan Lall shooting, car accident are are few examples of how the courts work in Guyana.