Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The blame-game habit of Guyana's King

We are starting a reflection of his Presidency by looking at several of his statements made in the Media over the years.

Here is fuel for your memory of a man who many thought would have changed the landscape of politics.

The Opening of the 9th Parliament
“I encourage all of you to be faithful to the timeless principle of service, and to be detached from the ambitions of power and the trappings of office. I urge you to execute your duties with pride, simplicity and integrity, and to find in this service a higher calling. There can be no greater honor than to be called to the service of one’s country.”

Maybe he should listen to his own advise !

Mr. Speaker, in the next five years, my Government will work towards the political, economic and social transformation of our country in which all of our people will have equal access to resources and benefit from economic development and improvement in social conditions.

Equal access? Is that how you explain the Queens Atlantic Deal?

The underlying pillars of the new political framework will include meaningful engagement with all political parties; reform of the legislative and judicial branches of Government; and continuous engagement of the progressive civil society in the governance of this country.

Ha ha meaningful engagement

HIS YEAR 2000 Promises
A special “crime crack force,” along the line of a SWAT team will be set up to complement existing units. A large enough group of special trained and well-provided-for armed officers and ranks will form this crack force and will respond mainly to these new forms of criminal activities and acts of domestics terrorism.

Yes that happened, hence extra judicial killings and torture that followed

A comprehensive reform of the Intelligence sector to strengthen intelligence gathering to support the fight against crime, narco-trafficking and threats to internal security will be undertaken.

Employment of Roger Khan

Legislation would be introduced to provide for closer monitoring of certain categories of deportees


2001 Acceptance speech
My vision is to create a country in which everyone has a sense of belonging and an opportunity to continue to its development.


MAY DAY speech 2003
Government has, as its top priority, the continued improvement of the living standards of workers and the reduction of poverty throughout the country. This is manifested in Government’s involvement and emphasis on the issue of tackling poverty over the recent years.

Yes the continued degradation of workers, lowering wages and salaries, impositions and racism in the Public Service.

The Government has placed immense emphasis on the importance of the National Labour Movement to the development of the country and in particular the well being of the Guyanese workers.

Lovely! A national labour movement meant the continued politicization of the Labour Movement, stifling of one faction of the labour movement while appointing Labour Union heads to political positions and taking some of them on overseas trips.

Here are some of the most important wheels we are missing in this ‘democracy’
President Champion and Opposing Everything leader Corbin signed a Communiqué in May 2003 and promised us, the fools among these:
- National Policy on Land and House lots Distribution
- The Appointment of the Public Procurement Commission
- A Human Rights Commission
- Local Government Reform
- Radio Monopoly and Non Partisan Boards
- Border and National Security Issues including the Recapitalisation of the GDF
De-Politicisation Of The Public Service
- The Appointment of a Commission of Inquiry into the Operations of the Guyana Police Force
- Agreements for the Electricity Sector

Shall we go on??

Guyana Times launching 2008
“You know me; I am controversial and I don’t care at this stage of my life,” President Jagdeo


To Yesu Persaud
“Mr. Persaud, you are falling right into the trap of the ignorant people who have been saying this over and over again (the negotiated deal) but we chose not to respond to it because we knew that it would continue”

His best excuse on the Queens Atlantic Deal

On signing the EPA 2008
“To sign EPA is to forfeit economic sovereignty”

“We had extensive discussions and I still feel strongly that we are entering into an Agreement that will undermine some aspects of the regional integration movement.”

On David Clarke 2009
“From now on if you believe all that this informant is saying, you have to also believe that he (Waddell) was a member of the Buxton gang and that he was in criminal enterprise,

The quick to blame black people game

When Roger Khan issued a full page ad saying he was helping the government fight criminals I publicly said at that time, ‘you tell us which Government you are helping because it couldn’t be this government,

What about those meetings eh?

On Roger Khan 2009
I have said before, Khan said several things, he said that [former Commissioner of Police Winston] Felix was undermining the Government of Guyana too, he said he had taped conversations with people sharing information who are linked to drug dealers

The blame game continues

I have never put any store on what Roger Khan has said in the past or not said. I never decided whether he is guilty or not guilty, so if he pleads guilty he has to face the consequences that is clear.

What history will say about you Mr. Jagdeo.


  1. Dear Editor,
    In societies where there is an organised criminal mafia, there is one standard modus operandi. Members of that society are harassed and subjected to all manner of thuggery, until they succumb to the pressure, subject themselves to the mafia, and start paying protection money to the members of that mafia. Then, they stop being harassed. In Guyana, there is no mafia, but there is an individual who practises the same methods as the mafia, but in the corporate world. I refer to no other than Guyana’s very own, Mr Know- It- All, Mr Holier- Than- Thou, Mr Belatedly- Matriculated- Attorney- at- Law, Christopher Ram. What has Mr Ram’s methodology been over the years? Using the free medium of a column space provided compliments of Stabroek News, Mr Ram has lambasted every company who is not a client of his account ing firm, accusing them of all manner of things, most of which are easily debunked, but which nobody ever has the time to bother to respond to. But, he continues to lambast the executives of companies, the managers, and anybody connected with the companies. Until when? With what aim? To what end? Well, the answers to those questions are found in the fact that he hardly ever seems to write about companies that are current cli ents of his accounting firm. And, if he does, it is not in the scathing critical terms that he writes about clients of other accounting firms. So, the implication is simple. If you are a fee- paying client of his and you pay him hefty fees, it appears that you enjoy protection from his poisonous pen. If you don’t pay him hefty fees, it appears that you will receive the brunt of his venom.
    The lesson of all of this: Mr Fip Motilall and Synergy Holdings, time to change your accounting firm. And, while you are at it, time to change your lawyers too, and recruit the recently matriculated junior counsel. Although it might be a bitter pill to succumb to corporate gangsterism, it might be the surest way to get the corporate gangster off your back, even if it costs you a penny or two, as it surely will. No wonder he had to be sued over his handling of the Hotel Tower liquidation. Yours sincerely,
    Dave Martindale

  2. Dear Editor

    Who gives a rats ass about Chris Ram?

    Here are a few questions I have for B. Jagdeo, should you be so kind to forward them to him for clarification.

    1. Does he prefer Russian men or Arab men?

    2. How many times did he take lolo on these overseas trips?

    3. His Bi or is he a full fledged homo?

    4. Is he AC/DC is so which does he prefer?

    5. Has he ever had a large black bigan? If so when?

    6. Is he also a man kisser?

    Thank You

  3. Does Jagdeo ever intend to get marry?

    Does he plan to open up a cake shop when he is booted from the presidency or is going to live on that substantial retirement and luxurious conditions his Government passed into law?

  4. you guys are funny. check this out

  5. Editor,
    george bell seem to have a cracked dong. He should start a site "I hate chris ram" blogspot.

    Bell, ring somewhere else. Please!