Saturday, June 26, 2010

NCN profitable or not?

NCN profitable or not? Where is the Auditor General?  

Charging just about 100% more than other TV Stations are charging for ADS maybe just a small drop of cash into the well of money for the State- Owned National Communications Network. with 'viewership' in almost every county in this Country, the only Radio station and sole broadcast rights to certain programming must be sending NCN's profits into tsunami for that Company. 

But little is being said about the NCN's earnings, it expenses, staff-turn over and wage bill.  

In fact, the government for the last 5 years has budgeted between $80 million and $60 Million for the state owned NCN to invest in new equipment and to address several shortages in the Company. 

No money was budgeted for any expansion or any kind.  

We are left to wonder if NCN cannot but its own equipment with its 'profits' and the government put the money to better use, like say breaking the radio monopoly.  

Or is money being channeled through NCN to help their friend secure his transmission in Berbice's biggest coming attraction?

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