Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fatal familial mix

Only in Guyana we find the children of Ministers, cabinet members and high-level politicians holding critical positions int he management of state assets.

Take Donald Ramoutar. He has become the biggest traitor to the PPP. We do not feel that the PPP understand the degree of sell out that Ramoutar has committed. Our sources have informed us that Ramoutar has connived with Jagdeo to delay elections for two years (Jagdeo remains president) to 2013.

MEANWHILE, Ramoutar gets the same salary that the Traitor-Gail gets and his son (Alexi) gets to run the Government ICT project aimed at spending US$44million (according to Kaieteur News). So a lot of money will be available to the Ramoutars. Screw the PPP. Let the 'boy' run the project.

Another 'son' we will look at is the son of Nokta. He has already used the Red House to stage his Birthday and other parties. He is a part of the bigger scheme of shutting up the potential opposition to Jagdeo's con of Guyana and the rape of Guyanese assets.
Finally, in this article, we look at the son of Repu Daman Persaud. He has an illegal Television system that is allowed to pirate movies. This makes millions of dollars for the Persauds.
Note that these three cases above have effectively silenced the three top persons in the PPP: The Don Ramotar, Hairy Nokta and Repu Damn Persaud.
The odd ball is Komal Chand. He has no boys to be bought out and is not interested in wealth. So he will soon be silenced.

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  1. how to become a son of one of these people ?? damn !