Monday, June 21, 2010

Consumers' corner - Guyana's supermarkets

This week we stop by some of the supermarkets of Georgetown. As soon as we could get some funding from the IDB, (please pay attention Marco), we will visit the Supermarkets across Guyana.  
1) Temperature: how many  persons read the labels on foodstuff? Well, most labels read "store in a cool dry  place". Care to guess the temperature in most supermarkets? Above 35degree C! That is criminal. 
Can anyone guess the amount of mould that grows on the noodles (we think it is noodle+), the fungus that grows on the inside of the breaks and slice cakes? 
What about the children's snacks? Where is the Consumers' body?
There are only 4 or 5 supermarkets in the city that are air-conditioned - Nigel's, Fogarty's, Bonny' to name a few. The rest should be closed down by the authorities - these include Mattai, Nirva, Survival, etc. 
2) Parking: Excepting for Nigel's and Mattai's, the rest have not catered properly for their customers. The flowing non-consumer traffic have to pay a penalty for this! 
3) Poor customer service: Nigel's is the only store that shines in this regard. Matti is too congested, the rest are just hanging in. 
4) Temperature - did we tell you that the temperature in most of them is same as an oven? 
Beware Shoppers. You pay for the mould, lice, weevils, insect eggs, larvae (worm), fungus and other things in your purchase at the supermarkets in Georgetown.

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