Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Police Commissioner....

Fact or Fiction
Tonite CH 9 Newscast reported that the new POLICE COMMISSIONER is tipped to be a Lieutenant Colonel ??! Did we hear right?!   
How did the Commander in Chief come by this one and how is this constitutionally possible?  
Who is this person and what does the appointment of a Soldier say for the image of the Guyana Police Force which is already buried in torture and corruption? 
So does this mean that Commodore Gary Best's tenure will also be extended?  
Paul Slowe gone to soon or a calculated move by the government.


  1. Presidential aspirant C.N. Sharma, today with the help of Mark Benchop, paid his accusers G$20m. The victims will now refuse to give evidence against C.N. Sharma. Sources have informed us that the deal was made in Mark Benchop's office. More to come late.

  2. so u come to this blog to talk skunt cause nobody reads urs ?