Monday, June 21, 2010

CRAP in a Guyanese context

CRAP:What is Crap? In a Guyanese context, crap is better explained by the manick-moments of Priya Manickchand.

Crap is the Amerindian girls who are transported to the City to work in rum shops (Roopa and Nathoo included) and along the coast for merger wages while selling their bodies. 

Crap is the Brazilian and Amerindian Women are several of the brothels and strip bars in the City where many politicians and friends of the government frequent. 

Crap is the women are being transported to hinter locations to sell sex 

Crap is the women and little boys who are given tickets to travel to Trinidad and Barbados for the sex industry 

Crap is the Julis being solicited for sex by Kwame McKoy

Crap is Manniram Prashad and his sons taking prostitutes to a prominent house in the city 

What else is crap Priya Manickchand? Your unfounded comments without investigating!

Please take a trip in your air conditioned vehicle to the East Coast of Demerara- first stop Club 69 at Enmore.

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