Thursday, June 24, 2010

Riddle of the Week

How is it the alleged accomplice in a GRA fraud and a friend of the Minister Priya Manickchand gets hired as the Director of Social Services at the Human Services Ministry?
Wentworth Tanner who once worked as an Asst. Director at GRA and resigned after he was fingered in a fraud is now employed by his Queens College classmate Priya Manickchand, how is this possible?

You tell us please.


  1. ALLEGED!!!!

    and so what? who else to work with ya if not a dependable / reliable person you know who is qualified for the job. You should judge the guy's performance.

    I prefer him (and many more like him) than the misfits they have in the public service.

    visit an office today!

  2. I wonder why the above is so boastful about Mr. Tanner. Know him personally ?

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