Sunday, June 20, 2010

The world is filled with dunces - except Guyana

It seems like every country except Guyana is filled with Dunces. That should be DUNCES!!! 
If we allow the Government of Guyana to continue to befuddle us, we will surely think the world is mad! Only Jagdeo is sensible, only Jagdeo and his errand boys-and-girls-cum-ministers are bright and sensible. 
Corruption report - Guyana is corrupt? Those people are dunces! 
Trafficking in people - Guyana rates poorly? They are dunces 
Poor economic performance? - They gotta be stupid 
Bureaucratic systems for business? - Madness! 
Corruption and poor systems at customs? - Dunce! 
Poor system of taxation? - Dunces don't understand how to run a country! 
We can safely conclude that Jagdeo is the bright one - after all he had to get a proxy doctorate! Everyone else in the world is Mad, Dunce and Stupid!

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