Friday, June 11, 2010

End the Monopoly!

Every time some thing new comes to Guyana, King Jagdeo has one song to sing:‘I don’t want another monopoly’ 
But where he and his crooked cronies are to benefit he doesn’t mind at all. 
Yes, we hail the King when he weighed into GT&T and brought Digicel! End the Monopoly right! 
But am a little cat staring at the King asking him, please end the monopoly on Electricity, invite another electricity provider please!  
End the monopoly on radio, free up the airwaves. End the monopoly of NCN,give others a chance. 
End the monopoly of free travel around the world,send some others 
Oh and please end the monopoly on greed. Share the wealth!

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  1. See the real chris ram