Friday, June 4, 2010

From a broken wharf an unfinished Tarmac

He has done it again ! Beekay has fished up another major project in this country and No no! He will not be sanctioned! No no, none of those things happen to our friends.

Months AFTER Beekay was to complete work on the Taxiway at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, he still has a lot to. As a matter of fact our Dear Beekay cannot tell the Airport officials and Public Works Ministry when the works would be completed!

Extension in the contract deadline? Your guess is as good a mine!

We know that one part of the Airport Taxi Way has been closed until the end of July and this was after a notice was issued to Airmen at the end of April. And, the Consultants are busy drinking soup from Beekay hands to even bother with this "fish-up".

So BeeKay has roads, bridges and airport taxi ways under his belt, while he is also building his Mall at the corner of Sandy Babb and Vlissengen Road.

How the Bee produces honey eh?

Sweet !

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