Monday, June 7, 2010

Another sad day has dawned for Guyana

Another sad day has dawned for Guyana.

Independent critics of the Government have all come under immense criticism and personalized attacks from the Government spokespersons.

In a particular blog which can be traced to Office of the President,
1) Glen Lal the owner of Kaieteur news has had his children and wife vilified.
2) Freddie Kissoon was attacked and accusations made about his wife and daughter.
3) Christopher Ram has come under intense criticism, being accused of everything under the sun, including drugs.

While we have no affiliations or sympathies for any of the above named, the cold fact is that those three persons are known to be independent persons. And, all have been attacked. We predicted these attacks many posts ago.

In the Guyana Times, we find cartoon about Ram, and ludicrous letters and columns about any one who has dared to oppose the Government. Online one can find the mischievous postings of Chris Ram's family being abused. What did these kids do to be so abused?

Other blogs have been attacked, hacked and shut down. We have also tried to make contact with previous persons associated with this blog to warn them of upcoming attacks since the pattern is clear.

As the hate posts spirals uncontrollably, we can only predict that the wives and children of all and any opposing voice will be viciously attacked. One can expect photoshop adjusted photos to find posting online as the Government knows no boundaries.

May God bless us over the coming weeks.


  1. Pot calling kettle black! Not to worry your turn will come.

  2. You forgot Peepin Peter

  3. These Chinee people really know how fuh lie. Just imagine this chap say he didn't know about buggering until he come to Guyana. China has a strong history in buggering and pedo shit, that is how I know this chap lying.Kaiteur news needs to investigate further. wherever there is smoke there is fire and in guyana case, no wata to put it out.

    Proprietors of China Trading, Jason and Lily Wang, say that legal action is being considered against any other persons who come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct during their employment with the company.
    During an interview, the two people stated that they are at a loss to understand why the allegations have been made. Acknowledging that they may have made mistakes, the Wangs explained that they are relatively new business people and are learning as they go along.
    Jason Wang explained that he is a father of four who were all born in Guyana. Last August, he sent them with their mother to their grandparents in China.
    He stated that because he was so taken up with running the business and paying attention to his children, it would have been impossible for him to be taking part in the activities that have been levelled against him by way of the allegations.
    He said that he doesn’t even smoke or drink, and had never even heard of a same sex relationship before he came to Guyana.
    He said that he never got the slightest hint from any of his employees that there was anything wrong. Wang however suggested that the facts may have been misrepresented by the ex-employees.
    He explained that while he did not allow his employees to consume alcohol in their living quarters, they nevertheless found a way to get around that. The employer said that the workers would jump over the fence, sometimes cutting themselves on the barbed wire in the process, to purchase their ‘drinks’ from a nearby vendor.
    He stated that they would also sometimes break the padlock on the gate to get out. Wang said that he was constantly talking to his workers about their drinking habits and urging them to save their money.
    He added that at times some of the Amerindian employees would visit their families who would take away almost all of their wages, leaving them with next to nothing, and they would come back to work with hardly any cash to take them through the month.
    In other cases, when some of them go home without any money, they would not say that they did not have any, but would instead say that “Chinee man no pay we.”
    But as far as he knows through his own investigations into the allegations, there were no sex games involved at any time. He said that the girls who were living in the compound were Chinese and living with their husbands.
    Since the allegations were made by the four ex-workers, the company was visited by officials of the Ministry of Labour and the National Insurance Scheme.
    Wang said that he had no problem with this, since he wants to do business the professional way. In the future, he said that he will demand photo identification and a Police clearance of all new employees.
    He will also take into consideration that he could hire staff through the Ministry of Labour’s Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency.
    “If I (had done) that I wouldn’t have had this underage problem,” Wang said.
    As for the workers still staying at his bond, Wang said he has since asked them again if they would like to move out and rent an apartment if they are not satisfied with the facilities he offers free of charge.
    The workers have said they would like to stay in the bond and Wang has offered to improve the facilities.
    But while the Wangs are very hurt over the entire issue, they will look at it as a learning process.

    June 8, 2010 9:49 AM