Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why we must not get old in Guyana

If there is anyone to be charged for neglect it could be the entire government - or in this case, the Human Services Minister Priya Manickchand!

We often wonder if these people have a conscience, perhaps a couple days at the Palms Institute for the Elderly should wake them up along with a monthly pittance of $6000.

It is an atrocity on our old folk, little pension from the government, little or sometimes no pension from NIS(always some computer glitch or scam there), no subsidies the Guyana Power and Light Company and little help from Guyana Water Incorporated, little medical help from Health Centres and no food stamps.

But we want to look at the care of our elderly when they are placed in the Palms.

Well because we feel that we do not need to quote any bias press reports but to look at the Performance and Value for Money Audit report that was complied by non other that the Auditor General’s Office.

From this report we understand that over $55 million was spent on this facility annually to cater for over 240 elderly folks.

While $50 million is not a budgeted sum we understand from the Report that a sum is allocated to the Home based on the budget allocated to the Social Services for the year and the sum allocated to the Palms is at the discretion of the Human Services Ministry.

In fact, donations to the Palms, would also play a part in the allocation of public funds to its coffers.

What is striking is that there is no proper record keeping at the Palms. The Auditors found that there were no annual reports, no reports on intake of members, no reports on the deaths of members and no reports on donations.

In fact, when the Auditors visited the institution they founds hundreds of walking aids and canes discarded in a mostly appalling fashion under the Palms.

In addition to this, there is no potable water, food is not readily available and staff most times have to prepare meals based on what is available and not according to dietary menu.

Don’t ask how the food is transferred and in what conditions is it given to the inmates!

The Palms buildings and compounds are hideous and requests to the Human Services Ministry for handymen, carpenters, brush cutters, demands for safety bars at windows and garbage receptacles were all turned down.

In 2009 the defects were many and included:
- Overgrowth in the yard,
- defective pipes that lead to flooding in the yard and buildings,
- discolored walls,
- defective walls and washrooms,
- presence of rodents among others.

We wonder which Minster would be willing to spend a night in this hell hole?

We sure they are making deals that would see them better off at that ripe old age as for the rest of us - good luck at getting old !


  1. I wan know why yall accepting wharfs and stellings that floating away, like yall people dotish or wha?

  2. I hear the BK wharf commit suicide by drowning. This is the second wharf that commit suicide.

    I wonder when BK gun build something good. Hope he build something good before I get old. I would hate to get old in Guyana and not see some good wuk by BK.

    By the way is how does BK get all this wuk and still continue to do shitty wuk? Like BK must be the original FiP Makesshwar Motillal. Is BK's - Brian Tiwari an Engineer? How come this chap become the largest contractor in Guyana? Did he use to sell sari and puja items before?

    Robeson Benn should go and team down dem office and sink it in the river to teach dem a lesson.

  3. The Queen of Guyana, Bharat Jagdeo says that yall should not do Cake Shop reportage on the Amilia Fip Falls. But look at he, he gat GINA, Chronilce doing fishmarket reportage even a blog called liveinguyana something or the other doing some nasty cake shop reporting. Somebody should stick a squib up he batty.

  4. liveinguyana is operated by kwame and prem misir so what u expect, even adam harris does have he say on there so dem boys seh

  5. Oh rass, in any case Dem Bais say dat deh Govahment vex vex bad dat dem secret Marriott deal get let out deh bag.

    What I want to know is what Guyana gun do with another Hotel, Dem doan get enough tourist to fill the existing hotels much less anoda one. Is wah really goin on deh. Something smell fishy and is not Jagdeo Battycake. Could it be dark tourism. Or they attracting tourist to swim in mud?

    And look how dem can't even build wan Koka and wharf and dem wan fuh build Hyrdo Electric. We might all end up with Hydro seeds or Goadee if this happen. Ah tell yuh tings really Fippin bad in Geyana.

  6. they dont need tourist, jagdeo, manny, bobby, winston, lumumba gan full dem up with some chinese, brazilians and russians