Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jagdeo in Newark

Yep that's right, he is in Newark... not a mention in the press as he ensured that he was out of the country for the attack on Freddie and the other Guy.

The Mayor of that city welcomed him (as if they could do differently) and Jagdeo noted that it was the "first time in 37 years that he celebrated Guyanese Independence Day outside of Guyana"...

Get real! You are never in Guyana! What do you know about our independence day or our celebrations, Mr. tourist corruptident?

Jagdeo also committed sacrilege by saying:
Both of your countries need your involvement to succeed. Be active, stay active, and be progressive”. Can you imagine anyone really getting active in Guyana? Acid pon dem face!


  1. why does he go to Freedom House no more who pissed him off ?

  2. you continue to write fiction.

  3. your head must be buried in the sand an Ostrich maybe ?

  4. lemme tell yall somethin. is dere no good in the man?
    write about his good tings too.

  5. yes he respects the right to earn- hence the duty free concessions to BObby Ramroop and more favours for Odinga Lumumba
    he respects sexual orientation- hence he hired Kwame McKoy
    he respects those differently able
    so he gave the blind man Fip basket to fetch water
    wat else wat else so much good !