Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our exclusive take on the NICIL BOSS

In this photograph Winston Brass Boy must be running off to State House to meet Jaggers to discuss their next deal as the two prepare to siphoned off monies from weary and disillusioned taxpayers.

We want to ask Brass Boy some simple questions:

1) Are you prepared to take a lie detector test?
2) What is Your salary?
3) How much % you make on those deals, yes THOSE deals?
4) Why are you leaving the country every month?
5) Where do you go and why?
6) Who pays for those trips?
7) Have you ever been to Russia?
8) Serious business now, how much money NICIL makes annually?
9) Are you prepare to reveal this?
10)What about an audit?
11)How many properties has NICIL acquired and sold recently?
12)How many friends of the President have you sold these to?
13)How many deals NICIL has negotiated recently?
14)How many closely linked to the Office of the President?
15)Brassy boy what about those Guyana Telephone and Telegraph shares you spoke about selling? and,
16)In whose name did you write Fip's US$1.6million cheque?

Brassy don’t lets be enemies, speak to us.


  1. I vote Brassman for the 3rd richest in Guyana (after Brat and Bubby)

  2. doan forget he island

  3. Why the fuck is this chap so fat in a hot and humid country like Guyana? There is no reason this pig should be this fat unless is sheer fat living he gat.

    Can this chap see his lolee?

  4. Is that Humpty Dumpty?

  5. swing d swingin...he belley. Can u imagine dis man widout he shirt? i wonder how much he tie up he belley.

  6. This chap head small and body so big, he look like a pin head with a thimble hat.