Sunday, May 23, 2010

Parcels of land given to friends

Too much wrongs in Guyana.

Land is being given away to friends of the Government. Our understanding is that Airfan,Robbie, Brat and the 5 bees are giving and getting everything.

The latest cause for concern in a strip of land on the embankment of the canal at Montrose. If one were to take a drive to that area, you will find a gated community being developed there - from the public road to the seawall, east of the canal.

Who owns that "reserve"? Who gave it to whom - and when? Was it gazetted?

With our penchant for flooding, how will that canal ever be cleaned? I guess, the poorer residents on the western side will have to have their homes bulldozed in any flooding emergency.


  1. i tink it be odinga

  2. Gouveia..but he doan dig does buy back dem putagee property.

  3. fippin using d money!

  4. What is it with these on liner comments?

    Don't you people know how to write longer comments? Damm.

  5. we run outta lines and outta land. robert and barat gat dem all

  6. long live the PPP