Sunday, May 23, 2010

What does it all mean for Guyana?

This week speaks volumes of a turning point in the History of the Caribbean as several noted and questionable acts have occurred and as people prepare to take to polling stations to stay or remove governments.

A state of emergency was issued for a month by the Bruce Golding administration. This action followed a 2 PM Cabinet meeting.

The genesis is the US request to extradite Christopher Dudus Coke.

In recent weeks, we saw PM Golding being forced to review his moves and even think about the leadership of his country when news broke that he sought legal help to address the extradition.

After he signed the extradition order-Tivoli Gardens and Denham City were on a shut down by criminal gangs opposing the extradition of Dudus.

What followed is unprecedented violence in Jamaica as gangs sought to protect Dudus.
Police stations burns, police cars hijacked, Kingston Airport shut down, Hospitals come under gun fire, citizens had to be evacuated and gun violence in Kingston and other parts of Jamaica.

A State of Emergency was issued at a time the United States Embassy Officials in Jamaica and Dudus lawyers are trying to get him out of the country. Dudus have reportedly waived his right to stand trial in Jamaica and wishes to be flown directly to the US.

This is one telling tale.

In Trinidad
Tomorrow, Monday, Trinidadians will turn out in their thousands to polling stations in Trinidad and Tobago to vote.

The UNM-COP grouping seems a likely winner- as Trinidadians seek a change from the Patrick Manning led PNM.

In recent years corruption had plagued the Manning government as Trinidad, the richest Caribbean Country battled a plunging economy. The UNM also a tarnished record on that topic as well but with the emergence of a promising candidate Kamla Persad-Bissessar the elections is one to keep a close eye on.

And on Tuesday, Surinamese would take a trip to the poll.

The calls are in for the infamous Desi Bouterse of the National Democratic Party as some are suggested that the incumbent Ronald Venetiaan of the National Party of Suriname is out.

All of these events could see a change in the landscape of politics in this Region, so keep an eye on them.


  1. One computer in every household in guyana.....heheheheheeh.

    What does it all mean?

    It mean that this is then next big scam in the making. Watch out for friends and cronies to get the contract to supply these computers. These ass backwards PPPites really don't know how to plan.

    There are more pressing needs in the country like reliable electricity, reliable water and crime suppression.

    What is the use of computers if 90% of the time you have blackout and powersurges that fuck up said equipment? Not to mention a computer is 50% useless these days with fast affordable internet access.

    Why don't the PPP concentrate on providing one flush toilet with light buld in every house hold instead, since they like to talk nuff shit?

  2. Wonder if our local Chinese abused and Amerindiand today?

  3. What does it all mean?

    It means a bucket of misamic mess "shit" in Freddie's face - dat what it means.

    Guyana is up shits creek.

    Let us analyze:

    A bucket of shit comprising of mostly cow dung can only mean one thing. The perpetrator of the shit throwing episode was an Indian, a burly fat Indian. Probably a well fed Indian from Freedom House (House of Shit). Didn't have to go far to collect the shit.

  4. Could the shit thrower be Winston Brassignton? He is a burly looking Indian / putagee / doughla mix up fat piece of shit.

  5. Ok I am convinced - the Government will use the Water Canon to shoot shit at the people.

    What better way to disperse a crowd than to shoot them with shit.

  6. Am I the only one commenting on this blog?

  7. ah wonder when someone will put together the recent happenings.

    Attach on Frederick, acid thrown on the other guy, grenade thrown at building...

    telling everyone to cooperate, or else!