Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is the government corrrupt?

I am sure that many time our readers would have been asked the question, of would question themselves as to "is Jagdeo corrupt?" We put forward the following arguments;

1) Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. Jagdeo's friends include
- Ramroop who pays off ministers, get's contracts awarded to him - and then goes to buy the equipment to manufacture. He also resells drug for MoH.
- Brassington who has abused every bank account in NICIL. Remember that no less than 10billion dollars goes to nicil EVERY YEAR. That money is never accounted for. Brassington, like odinga, has his own island in the Essequibo. It is important to note that Ashni Singh chairs the NICIL board.
- Odinga Lumumba - need we say anything about him? (see previous posts)
- Gerry Govia who used to have deals worked out in the army with McLean. They used the army helicopter to deliver "stuff" in the private hidden airstrips in the jungle.

The List could go on an on....and we will expand this soon....but these friends of the President shows his true nature.

2) The integrity commission. Does jagdeo submit his assets? The fact that he cannot get this commission going as an independent body points to their hiding of things.

3) Fip's road for US$15million. This is just a plain payoff for which moneys would roll back into the private bank accounts.

4) The brazil cable project. Here too moneys will roll back into personal accounts in Miami.

More to come.... for now, you decide!


  1. is Ramroop the richest man in Guyana ?

  2. i tink its gerry

  3. like y'all wan ramroop and barrat to fall out? how cud you praise d underling to b bettr dan d boss?

  4. Lock dem up just lock all a dem up and throw way deh key.

    Put Ashini, Jagdeo and Robert in one cell. Put Manni in the next cell with Roger Luncheon and Rohee and doan feed dem.