Friday, May 14, 2010

Sparks from the beekay

Seems like we should be expecting some sparks to fly between the GoG and beekay. The wharf that died is not beekay wharf but GoG wharf.... or part of it, according to beekay.

I guess as a big contributor to PPP finances, beekay can sometimes say what he wants.

1 comment:

  1. Look it is about time to cremate that wharf. Unless of course the Government want to perform a forensic autopsy. But of course they don't have a forensic lab in Guyana, Rotee still waiting for somebody to jareh his balls pun dis one.

    But in any case, what if they cremate the wharf and then the police come and stop the cremation because an investigation needs to take place?

    According to the story a big truck strangle the wharf and try to crush it. But the pathologists at BK trying to say that is the Government that commit the murder/suicide.

    In any case keep your toes cross.