Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Press Release: 'Peter' Vs Nicola Jang

Police Headquarters, Eve Leary, Georgetown
Tel: 225-5401 or 227-2685
Email: propolice247@yahoo.ca

PRO: May 18, 2010

News Editors,

Acting on information received the police obtained and executed a search warrant on a building owned by Mr. Peter Ramsaroop at 261 Forshaw and New Garden Streets, Queenstown, Georgetown, yesterday.

The building houses several apartments and the police were only able to access one occupied by Nicole Ming, female, 19 years, the sole occupant. The search revealed the existence of three covert cameras. One hidden in a clock on the wall that obtains a panoramic view of the apartment, another hidden in a radio in the bathroom and a third focusing on her bed.

Nicole Ming indicated that she rented the apartment about two months ago from Mr. Peter Ramsaroop and about a week ago he requested that she leave her keys as he had to fix an electrical problem and on her return she observed an instrument on the wall with a light flashing.

She also stated that about two weeks ago she had replaced a battery in the clock in which one of the cameras was found and the camera was not affixed at that time and complained that Mr. Peter Ramsaroop may have been recording her.

The police became suspicious that Mr. Ramsaroop may be in possession of pornography and may be distributing pornography and consequently obtained warrants to search his apartment as well as his office at Land of Canaan, East Bank Demerara. At the time he was overseas and upon his return on May 17, 2010, the warrants were executed in his presence by the police who seized two computer hard drives and a digital video recorder from his apartment and two computer hard drives from his office.

Mr. Peter Ramsaroop has denied the allegations of possession and distribution of pornography and indicated in a written statement that he once used the apartment to house an office for his employees when he installed cameras and did not remove all of the cameras when he rented it to Nicole Ming.

He is currently on $20,000.00 cash bail pending investigations.

Ivelaw Whittaker
Public Relations & Press Officer


  1. Well look at story. Imagine Bharat Jagdoe tek this lill chinee gurl fuh dash dildo in he batty. Imagine this chinee gurl gat to strap on wan dildoo and dash it in Bharat Jagdeo batty hole. I hope and pray there is a recording of this from different angles.

  2. My question: What is an old Aunty Man like Bharat Jagdeo doing with a 19 year old chinese girl?

    Bharat Jagdeo is close to 50 years old and unmarried.

    What would he have in common with a 19 year old chinese girl?

    Anybody ever stopped to ask that question?

    Furthermore why would a 19 year old chinese girl be renting an aparment in Georgetown? She must make an awful lot of money for a nineteen year old. Don't you think?

    What kind of job did she have?

  3. Like Bharat Jagdeo ketch another packoo fuh bruk she back.

    Elections time coming around, so Jagdeo got to hide his aunty man runnings and bring out the lil guillible chinee ting. He must be well and proper fooling she up.

    Poor gurl. She should change she name to Varshanie Ming.

  4. Is THIS why stanley ming left the PNC?

  5. We need to organize a boat ride for all Guyanese politicians, a boat ride to Kaiteur falls. Dr Aunty Man Bharat Jagdeo could be the boat captain.

  6. Lets be pragmatic for a second, by the way love your little colored swimming fish, are those fish from the Essequibo tainted with cynaide? They appear to be glowing.

    Anyways -

    -Bharat Jagdeo of questionable sexuality likes dumb little girls and not sophisticated women like Varshanie.

    -Bharat Jagdeo is cheap, all he could find for this dumb little girl was a converted garage at $30,000 per month rent.

    -Bharat Jagdeo is using this dumb little girl to improve his masculinity imagine in the eyes of the public. Is this chap any better than Sharma?

    -Bharat Jagdeo will no doubt depart the country for a rendevous with some unknown man in some arab country or probably asian.

    -These cameras were so sophisticated that they only came on when they saw skin tone or naked flesh...wow and then they would start blinking.

  7. Progress Progress Progress - Progressively Backwards?

    But there is no better party than the PPP and Bharat Jagdeo should be president for life, even his children should inherit the throne, they should create a clause in the PPP for that to happen. Imagine how many children he will have with little Nicole Ming, that girl looks really fertile. Imagine how many little half buck Ming Jagdeos will be running around, wow incredible.

    We love Bharat Jagdeo, we love his LCDS policies, we love how he is travelling on large jet airplanes promoting those policies to whoever would listen. Don't worry jet airplanes don't pollute as much as used yellow taxi cars from Japan, please import more of these cars. We love how he will soon allow CGS to start drilling for oil off the coast of Guyana. Progress Progress Progress, that is what the PPP is all about. Forget about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, that would never happen in Guyana, we don't have spills like that, even if we do, it will be quickly covered up and brushed aside, soon to be forgotten, just like the Essequibo cynaide spill and other scandals. Boy, our Jagdeo really knows his Low Carbon Credit Stratedgies and cake shop coverups. We are on the brink of industrialization, man we have been on the brink for the past 18 plus years. Look how Fip Motillal will develop Hydropower for Guyana and light it up or give it goadie. Christmas will be every day in Guyana, the PPP will be giving lights every day to Guyana, not only at Christmast time. Fip will do a lil puja work and we will have electricity. Go Fip Go, Jagdeo knows about progress don't worry about all those people who only know about cake shop progress. Look how BK contracting building beautiful and non fuctional stellings, we don't know why the Essequibians complaining, just roll on and roll off with it people, is sheer Progress Progress Progress. Look how we get Sexual Offence Bill passed just in time to prosecute those cops that burn up that little boy lolo, man that is progress. We have these same cops who will soon get a forensics lab which has been on the brink for the past 18 years, to be able to analyze high tech crime and bullets, even spy camers and cctv cameras. No longer will bullets come from one gun - fineman's, they will be able to know for sure this time - Progress.

    Did I mention the yellow taxi cabs, Guyana will be ablaze in yellow during the day and yellow during the night, even cops and teachers will be driving these yellow taxi cabs to make ends meet - Progress. Blinking traffic lights at every corner and speeding minibuses, what more can a people ask for? Why are those people leaving, nobody knows. Some are leaving with pink suitcases. They are many pink suitcases in Guyana, some of these pink suitcases pass through the airport without being noticed, there is only one word for this - Progress under the PPP.

    Long live the PPP.

    PPP is Progress, more cars, more kokers, more stellings, more clandestine pink suitcases, more everything, but we don't know why those people leaving.

    Vote PPP.

  8. Progress Progress Progress - PPP

    Buy helicopter - helicopter bruk
    Buy boat - bost bruk
    Build koker - koker bruk
    Build wharf - wharf bruk
    Build stelling - stelling bruk
    Clean trench - place flood
    Buy pump - place flood

    Build Hydro Dam - Dam Bruk?

    Why build airstrip at wakenam when you can use helicopter? Is it because the helicopter bruk?

  9. Skeldon Factory - not working
    Berbice Bridge - expensive crap with no walkway

  10. Government asking for Water Canon bids:

    Bai this is really a pro-active Government nah. Ah wah de rass dis. Dem can't even get drinking water fuh deh people dem, yet dem wan shoot dem people wid wata.

    Is why the Government asking for bids fuh? They should give the contract to Fip or BK. But wait I guess the Government want some proper functional water canon so dem ain't tekking chance by giving this contract to Fip or BK, because dem might end up with cack canon dat can't even shoot nothing, not even a sprinkle.

    If Fip or BK supply wata canon, the Goverment will have to use Viagra to get dem water canon fuh wuk and fuh shoot one or two wata.

  11. This Nicole Ming girl look as dumb as Manniram and Rohee combined.