Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Miasmic mess, acid, grenades

Another sad day has dawned for Guyana.

Freddie Kissoon
This may be an unsavory writer who rambles more than he analyzes. But, like everyone of us, deserves his space in the crazy world. He hates the PPP and is very vocal about that hate. It is a pity that he cannot see past that hate sometimes. But he is entitled to his freedom!

Months ago, the Guyana Times attacked Freddie's wife. Then the GoG's spin doctors (honorary doctorate to0), started rumours about Freddie's daughter and his bisexual traits. Bhrat Jagdeo displayed his homophobic side by calling Freddie 'man-kisser' - as if kissing a man is a crime.

He, jagdeo, is better placed to know if it is a crime, since he recently 'ass'ented the sexual offences bill. We wonder how many persons will analyze the rapes and prostitution that is done by the highest people in the land?

Back to Freddie: the attack on his family was a very low chapter in Guyana's media - all compliments of Guyana Times. However, this recent attack on Freddie is a public message - NOT to Freddie - but to the public.

Elections are approaching. The public is warned about its mouth! Journalists be warned.

To top it off, acid was thrown on a virtual unknown - making him acidly known - and telling the public again that "be warned".

What else will happen, we wonder?


  1. fecal matter now but acid next time be warned all crictics then the GOG put a kiss ass statement out as NCN wronged the man- shameful people

  2. Chris Ram should be up for his share of licks. Going with the trend, his wife and pickney and galfrends will be exposed.

  3. A burly dark person. could that be kwammy?

  4. Quite true. The PPP has encouraged a nation of cowards. Indian people are quietly leaving in droves. Yet they all heap praise on the Government. And everyone of them admits that the Government is corrupt.
    In any other country, ministers would have immediately resigned on the whispers of any scandals. Here they revel in them and the President praises them.
    Imagine if this was America and the scandal about Stanley Ming's niece broke out as being in bed with the President - or the scandals with FIP and the property purchases - or the marriage scandal with varshanie - or the accusations of the President being a man-kisser?
    You judge.

  5. Don't forget Kwamne McCoy Buggering lil boys

  6. dere is no proof of kwammy. just like dere is no proof of jagdeo's corruption.
    you people are stupid.