Monday, May 10, 2010

Muddy Road Molds Debate on the Future of Guyana

The New York times has the above headlined article.

The article posits the juxtaposition of building a $315-million road vs protecting the environment. What the writer of the article does not know is that the Jagdeo has already given US$15million to Fip Motilall to build a road that will have chaotic effect on the environment (and by the way to build a road that the GGMC seemed to have built already).

What is even worse is that Jagdeo is spending $47million on a fiber optic cable that will go through the Iwokrama protected area and will see work done that will severely threaten the creeks forests and ecosystem of the forest and trail.

Obviously the NICIL handled project will be top secret and the moneys paid out will be like the cat-o-nine-tails with each tail landing in a different account.

God help Guyana!


  1. Did you see the May 10, 2010 article in New York Times regarding Guyana's poor infrastructure? You should post it to your blog.

    Anyways dem bais say that soon there gun be an "Ash Charge" to air fares, so Guyana tourism might drap even moh lowa dan low. Is dem bais say, nat me. But this gun add to the dark tourism thing Manny promoting. You know,touring Jonestown and drinking cool aid to get the flavor of wha happen. Is whe Sharma deh dese days?

  2. we got tourism ?