Friday, May 14, 2010

These monopolies

How Quaint!
A country with government owned monopolies.
1) Sugar – the sugar monopoly: beaten into submission by Burnham. Breathed under Hoyte. Boomed under Cheddie and Janet. Beaten to death by the Jagdeo-ites. A failed monopoly.
a)Jagdeo government paid million$ (management fees) to Booker Tate administration.
b) This same government collected millions from EU for the sugar industry
c) This same government took away guysuco land and paid for it with workers’ wages.
d) This same government collected SUGAR LEVY totaling more than that collected by the entire 28-years-PNC-government.
e) Jagdeo runs GuySuCo from his office, OP, since the chairman of GuySuCo (who has no business experience) operates from the office of the president.
Reason for all of this? Simple: the sugar workers are not pro-jagdeo

2) Electricity – owned by the Government, run by the Government.
Head of the GPL is:
i. The behind-the-scene-part-owner of another company
ii. The prime seller of government properties
iii. The owner of an island (really).
iv. The main broker for russkies
Another failed monopoly that cannot function even with the millions of sugar workers dollars being poured into it.
Political twist: the GPL is a black-people company.

3) Water: run by Jagdeo-ites.
Another failed monopoly that pays millions for sweet deals. Investigate the prepaid contracts handed for manufacture of pipes. See who got the contract.

Next time we will discuss GT&T, Gold board, health, etc.

Meanwhile, let us investigate how much land Lumumba really owns, how much property Brassington owns and how much contracts and $$$ are paid on a prepaid fashion to Atlantic.

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