Saturday, May 29, 2010

He who pays the piper...

The sellout is about to be finalized with a fat pay out plan. We will be sold to the Dictator and his immoral bullies for a few pieces of silver. We knew that were we never safe but we never expected this act of blatant disregard for the citizenry or the act of mistrust that lingered for years.

We have reported that the Office of the President continues to the pay several bills for the Office of the Leader of the People’s National Congress (Congress Place, Sophia) and several of the leader’s bills.

But sources are telling us that this isn’t new and he was in fact being paid via brown paper bag from a certain friend close to the New Garden Street Property.

Two people we were told are authorized to collect these payments and these include a driver and a close man who is no stranger to the law. This explains why the Champion coward pays no mind to this ‘sickly’ man.

Wonder about all the politicking?
All in the game as we are left to look on as fools. A recent meeting to discuss ‘matters of importance’ is nothing about a photo opportunity that gets us to think outside the box when inside the box they have been secretly meeting and secretly talking about deals. These include a Constitutional Reform to allow for over seas voting and secure an extension of the Presidential term and another to allow the PNC to implode using race politics within the line.

When you hear every man for him self, its no joke.

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