Sunday, May 2, 2010

More questions than answers

One of our readers posted a comment that has created some concern for our editorial board. We therefore pose the following questions with the hope that answers can be provided by those who know.

1) Is it true that Makeshwar Fip Motillal is related to Bharat Jagdeo on Jagdeo's father's side?
2) is it true that Motilal has been the real estate advisor for property acquisition in Florida for member of the Government and for the King?
3) Is it true that Brassington has his own island in the Essequibo river?
4) Can anyone name the Ministers of the current PPP Government that owns properties overseas?
5) Can someone PLEASE write to the US State and Embassy, requesting that they disclose these property acquisitions in the USA.
6) Could we start a petition to demand that the US Government disclose all the Guyana Government officials that own properties overseas?

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