Sunday, May 30, 2010

$30million dissolving away

The promise of US$30 million from Norway could blow up in front of our faces.
What will he say to the Amerindian Villages he has promised millions of dollars to, what will he say to those communities he has promised roads and water, what about those project he has air marked this money to be spent on, what will the fool do now?
Norway’s Ambassador Hans Brattskar recently told the Stabroek News that this millions of dollars in forest protection money is months away from reaching Guyana’s coffers.

The good PPP administration has begun to stifle the Forestry Sector in a bid to get this money while a battle begun with the mining sector to place miners against a wall.

The Guyana Government has once again fooled the Nation as to what exactly is promised to Norway in exchange for funds.

We are asking the Jagdeo administration once again to release the MOU for scrutiny.
As Professor Clive Thomas pointed out in his Colum today Sunday, Brattskar simply said that Norway though the MOU is trying to ‘gain practical experiences that may give positive inputs to the NEGOTIATION on a future REDD-plus regime under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change’. In fact according to Prof. Thomas column Brattskar said Norway’s ‘cooperation [with Guyana] has not been motivated by the possibilities for offsetting against any future emission targets for Norway.’
Professor Thomas Column’s raises a number of issues we wouldn’t do any justice to if we transform his words, but he highlights Norway’s disingenuous moves while pondering on government’s hypocrisy.

Now where will we get money to build this roads Jagdeo?

See Prof Thomas' article here.

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