Saturday, May 8, 2010

From professional to ugly politician - Ashni Singh

According to the Press, Finance Minister (technocrat-turned-politician) was the guest speaker to the Annual General Meeting of the private Sector Commission.

However one would have thought that he was speaking to a group of PPP supporters. His entire speech was based on his belief:
- that the press is biased against the Government
- that "mistakes" during the elections must be excused as mistakes
- that the one or two lapses of GoG must not be interpreted as 'corruption'
- that the transparency international and economic freedom evaluations are all liars
- that the auditor general reports on 'lapses' by the GoG should not be viewed as report of corruption or fraud

What a shame!

He spent one hour quoting from the Dick on criticisms of the USA government, not realizing that he was showing his Government's weakness! He tried to prove to all that Dick Morris could have said what he wanted about the US government....
NEWS FLASH to MR. ASHNI SINGH: no one can criticize the GoG!!! Jagdeo, yourself and everyone else reacts violently when criticized!

He spent another hour talking about elections in the UK - and asking all the business men to pardon any mistakes the GoG will make during the next general elections.

He spent another half hour lambasting the press about quoting from the auditor general's report - while he spent the hour quoting from various sources.

He spent an hour talking about the politics of the PPP and, reading between the lines, he begged the audience to keep supporting the PPP.

Two-and-a-half-hours of venal garbage. Rather than talk about investment, liquidity, bank regulations and topics of interest to the businessmen, he preached politics!!!

What a waste of time! The brilliance that we once knew as Ashni Singh has disappeared. In his place is a Jagdeo lackey, a PPP apologist and a corrupt politician who makes excuses for the lapses of the Government. I guess it all started with construction of the Caricom's annexe.

Meanwhile, we note that Ashni Singh holds the post of Finance Minister while his wife holds the post of Auditor General (ag).


  1. Is true, Ashini indeed wan ugly looking man, he look like a lil pig.

  2. b nice to d man. money does do dat to people sometime.