Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ashni hilding up GECOM's funding

Breaking News:

$350 Million budgeted for the Guyana Elections Commission is being held up by the Ministry of Finance and as the Minister Dr. Ashni Singh continues to dance around the commissioners and other officials of GECOM.

Latest information reaching us is that the money is available and has been available since late last year and reappeared in this year’s budget estimates to be handed over to the Guyana Elections Commission.

The government’s refusal to hand this money over to the Commission could hinder two things, its preparations of Local Government Elections and General Elections.
We were told that the salaries of the Commissioners and other staff members have been secured as those are paid through a separate arrangements.

However, the salaries of hundreds of contracted workers are still to be paid.

Sources close to the Commission told us that Dr. Steve Surjubally, Chairman of GECOM is well aware of the government plans to frustrate the commission and has informed several of the donors in the form of letters of his frustration.

We are hell bent on finding a reason for this recent hold up of government funds to GECOM we are however convinced that there is more brewing in this pot that meets the eyes and ears.


  1. president 3rd term mi ass. d man will be ppp general sectri.From dere he wod control everyting, including d president

  2. President my ass this chap is should be the Queen of England.

  3. Ashni is a shame of a minister, just a political lackey, down right shame

  4. When soup deh fuh drink then nuff people does turn lackey. Look how Kit Nastymento turn PPP spokesman. He use to be the biggest critic of the PPP.

    Wonder what went wrong....plenty soup fuh drink?

  5. Adam Harris tuh, sheep in wolf clothing