Saturday, May 15, 2010

Great walls of China

Chinese walls have been erected - not by Beekay - but by Jagdeo.

Guyanese would remember the huge chinese wall that was thrown up by jagdeo around the GuySuCo Skeldon factory. No Guyanese has full details of the Skeldon factory (how much money was spent, what were the contract details, how much materials was sold on site by the chinese, how much was removed to ministers and businessmen's properties, etc).

That virtual wall around the Skeldon deal has never been conquered.

Then there is the Russian deal. One man flies to Miami on a monthly basis to meet with the Russians. SUVs await certain officials at Miami airport on their touchdown. No guyanese knows the full quantum of bauxite that is mined and exported by the Russians - they have collaborated with the Miami traveller and the President to build a Chinese wall around the Rusal deal.

There has been many others - stadium money, geeta knight's squandermania, huge property acquisitions in miami, the fippin motilal (US15million) etc.

Last week there was the announcement of Jagdeo's deals with a Chinese firm for his 47million cable project. No feasibility study, environmental study, long term planning is in place for this deal. Someone will obviously make millions, so the Chinese (literally) are employed to build a chinese wall around the cable project.

I wonder if this is the same company that is doing GT&T's infrastructure - and if it is, then maybe it is another chinese wall - that there is a hidden deal between GT&T and the Government.

Chinese walls are going up everywhere. We hope that one day the walls will fall like Jericho walls. But please, Savior, let it fall on their heads - and forgive us for these sinful intentions since we are surrounded by Chinese walls.


  1. is Jagdeo still bringing that cable ?

  2. y'all shud check how much money paying out. Chris Ram ought to do some accounting.
    Let's see: 15 (US$) million to Fip,
    47 million (US$) to Brassington for the cable.

    (Remember all moneys go through Brassington - how much islands you seh he own?)

  3. he mite go buy a couple more ! be a friend of Jagdeo or else u doom !