Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm feeling Raaaandy

RANDY Persaud. Who is this person?

A political scientist or mad scientist? Either, we will never know. Dr. Randy Persaud, the latest Office of the President recruit and understudy of Prem Misir has a full letter writing task set out for him for the rest of the year.

Before he adds pen to waster another piece of paper on idiotic rants we will suggest what his next topics should be.
- How about Fip Motilall’s failure to deliver that US$15 million road?
- How about the 40 plus year old President relationship with a unknowing lass ?
- How about his non-existent marriage?
- How about McKoy’s crime ?
- How about Nanda Gopaul takings at NBS?
- How about Dr. Luncheon’s listening device?
- How about the blatant racism in the Public Service?
- How about Norway lying to us about the REDD plus funds?
- How about personal investments made by the President?
- How about telling us which friend he will grant duty free concession to next?
- How about that cable he is planning to bring?

Instead of counting chairs and penning letters about who is a CAPITAL FOOL, pen letters about these.

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