Monday, June 28, 2010

The Real Champion of the Earth: a True Story

Jagdeo steals Jagan’s Thunder 

Speeches dating back to 1992 right through to 1997 of the later President and Founding Father of the Nation, Dr. Cheddi Jagan can be found in a booklet put together by the PPP union GAWU.  
The Book which was launched earlier this month documents the late leader’s wealth of knowledge on the environment with projections on sustainable development.

It was noted by those who attended the formal launching of the book that it was under Dr. Jagan’s guidance that The Environmental Protection Agency was launched and the Environmental Protection Act was birthed.

According to a press report- ‘Opposer’ to Jagdeo, Jaganite Navin Chandarpal who edited the collection said that Jagan said things that other leaders dare not say! He also recalled that Jagan waged a campaign promoting the economic benefits of sustainable forests and ‘crusading’ for debt write-offs. 
The recent glory given to the self-proclaimed Champ (Chump?) of the Forest is nothing but a farce compared to Jagan who did not seek glory while transforming Guyana. 
Posters, massive welcome home ceremonies, messages across the media and the millions of dollars spent on campaigns to promote Kim Jagdeo Sung 1 promotes nothing but a man seeking fame and glory, almost Burnham like. 
And, almost like a mockery of the Founding Father of the Nation’s contribution, the Great Jagdeo refused to attention this special ceremony to promote Jagan’s speeches on the environment. 
Who is the real Champion? Jagdeo? You judge.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another Bloger Exposed!!!

Did Priya Manickchand break lawyer/Client privilege when she leaked confidential divorce documents to the Robeson Benn/Kwame McKoy Blog? 
We think so and we wonder if the Guyana Bar Association is paying attention. 
How the Minister's client's documents' when she was a lawyer clearly draws a link between the government and this blog, and why should it go unchallenged???

Saturday, June 26, 2010

NCN profitable or not?

NCN profitable or not? Where is the Auditor General?  

Charging just about 100% more than other TV Stations are charging for ADS maybe just a small drop of cash into the well of money for the State- Owned National Communications Network. with 'viewership' in almost every county in this Country, the only Radio station and sole broadcast rights to certain programming must be sending NCN's profits into tsunami for that Company. 

But little is being said about the NCN's earnings, it expenses, staff-turn over and wage bill.  

In fact, the government for the last 5 years has budgeted between $80 million and $60 Million for the state owned NCN to invest in new equipment and to address several shortages in the Company. 

No money was budgeted for any expansion or any kind.  

We are left to wonder if NCN cannot but its own equipment with its 'profits' and the government put the money to better use, like say breaking the radio monopoly.  

Or is money being channeled through NCN to help their friend secure his transmission in Berbice's biggest coming attraction?

Thursday, June 24, 2010



Young black men would be once again employ to do the deeds of the Colonial masters. 
Word out is that a selected few must be threatened ( hence the shit throwing) 
There maybe no elections and a Referendum could be in the making so some disgruntled voices must be silenced.
The raids in selected sections of the city are not police work, recruitment of guns for hire are ongoing. 
Calling out the Shawn Hinds's, the Imran Khans and more.
Guns for Hire.

Riddle of the Week

How is it the alleged accomplice in a GRA fraud and a friend of the Minister Priya Manickchand gets hired as the Director of Social Services at the Human Services Ministry?
Wentworth Tanner who once worked as an Asst. Director at GRA and resigned after he was fingered in a fraud is now employed by his Queens College classmate Priya Manickchand, how is this possible?

You tell us please.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Police Commissioner....

Fact or Fiction
Tonite CH 9 Newscast reported that the new POLICE COMMISSIONER is tipped to be a Lieutenant Colonel ??! Did we hear right?!   
How did the Commander in Chief come by this one and how is this constitutionally possible?  
Who is this person and what does the appointment of a Soldier say for the image of the Guyana Police Force which is already buried in torture and corruption? 
So does this mean that Commodore Gary Best's tenure will also be extended?  
Paul Slowe gone to soon or a calculated move by the government.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Consumers' corner - Guyana's supermarkets

This week we stop by some of the supermarkets of Georgetown. As soon as we could get some funding from the IDB, (please pay attention Marco), we will visit the Supermarkets across Guyana.  
1) Temperature: how many  persons read the labels on foodstuff? Well, most labels read "store in a cool dry  place". Care to guess the temperature in most supermarkets? Above 35degree C! That is criminal. 
Can anyone guess the amount of mould that grows on the noodles (we think it is noodle+), the fungus that grows on the inside of the breaks and slice cakes? 
What about the children's snacks? Where is the Consumers' body?
There are only 4 or 5 supermarkets in the city that are air-conditioned - Nigel's, Fogarty's, Bonny' to name a few. The rest should be closed down by the authorities - these include Mattai, Nirva, Survival, etc. 
2) Parking: Excepting for Nigel's and Mattai's, the rest have not catered properly for their customers. The flowing non-consumer traffic have to pay a penalty for this! 
3) Poor customer service: Nigel's is the only store that shines in this regard. Matti is too congested, the rest are just hanging in. 
4) Temperature - did we tell you that the temperature in most of them is same as an oven? 
Beware Shoppers. You pay for the mould, lice, weevils, insect eggs, larvae (worm), fungus and other things in your purchase at the supermarkets in Georgetown.

Food Bill of the Caribbbean

Food In - Security ?
Guyana the Bread Basket of the Caribbean, the Caribbean - a self-sufficient body - how many times have we heard that? Yet the region food import bill is pegged at US$3 billion annually! 
Leaders after leaders have made promises to aid in the reduction of the food import bill and promised to open the regional market and reduce trade barriers but to date nada!  
The Jagdeo Initiative - What’s that?
The Regional grouping Caricom placed agriculture on its agenda more than three years ago when Climate Change was being flown around the world to scare conglomerates and energy giants into returning monies to governments under a cloak of reducing emissions. 
The result of these series of regional meetings? Nada 
In fact, the International American Development Bank had pledged more than US$500 Million to address the food crisis and promote agriculture.
There were at least 20 projects that could have been had to date but right now that’s nada! 
Despite these monies from the Bank, several Agri-based bodies seem cash strapped- CARDI for example- the Caribbean Agri. Research and Development Institute has not churned out any massive turn around plan to promote agriculture and it doesn’t seem that it will any time soon. The University of the West Indies is not agriculture inclined and as the Region’s University has not promote food growing or the need for food security.
The IICA is another story. 
The only plausible move the Region’s governments’ have succeeded with as they address food security was the 2 year suspension of duties on milk and meat and that it about to be up! 
Is Jamaica interested in reviving rice? 
Will Trinidad, start a grow more food drive and till the sugar land again? 
What about Barbados, corn and provisions? 
Time will tell but for the mean time prepare to pay another US$1 Million on the food import bill in the next year.

CRAP in a Guyanese context

CRAP:What is Crap? In a Guyanese context, crap is better explained by the manick-moments of Priya Manickchand.

Crap is the Amerindian girls who are transported to the City to work in rum shops (Roopa and Nathoo included) and along the coast for merger wages while selling their bodies. 

Crap is the Brazilian and Amerindian Women are several of the brothels and strip bars in the City where many politicians and friends of the government frequent. 

Crap is the women are being transported to hinter locations to sell sex 

Crap is the women and little boys who are given tickets to travel to Trinidad and Barbados for the sex industry 

Crap is the Julis being solicited for sex by Kwame McKoy

Crap is Manniram Prashad and his sons taking prostitutes to a prominent house in the city 

What else is crap Priya Manickchand? Your unfounded comments without investigating!

Please take a trip in your air conditioned vehicle to the East Coast of Demerara- first stop Club 69 at Enmore.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The world is filled with dunces - except Guyana

It seems like every country except Guyana is filled with Dunces. That should be DUNCES!!! 
If we allow the Government of Guyana to continue to befuddle us, we will surely think the world is mad! Only Jagdeo is sensible, only Jagdeo and his errand boys-and-girls-cum-ministers are bright and sensible. 
Corruption report - Guyana is corrupt? Those people are dunces! 
Trafficking in people - Guyana rates poorly? They are dunces 
Poor economic performance? - They gotta be stupid 
Bureaucratic systems for business? - Madness! 
Corruption and poor systems at customs? - Dunce! 
Poor system of taxation? - Dunces don't understand how to run a country! 
We can safely conclude that Jagdeo is the bright one - after all he had to get a proxy doctorate! Everyone else in the world is Mad, Dunce and Stupid!

Fatal familial mix

Only in Guyana we find the children of Ministers, cabinet members and high-level politicians holding critical positions int he management of state assets.

Take Donald Ramoutar. He has become the biggest traitor to the PPP. We do not feel that the PPP understand the degree of sell out that Ramoutar has committed. Our sources have informed us that Ramoutar has connived with Jagdeo to delay elections for two years (Jagdeo remains president) to 2013.

MEANWHILE, Ramoutar gets the same salary that the Traitor-Gail gets and his son (Alexi) gets to run the Government ICT project aimed at spending US$44million (according to Kaieteur News). So a lot of money will be available to the Ramoutars. Screw the PPP. Let the 'boy' run the project.

Another 'son' we will look at is the son of Nokta. He has already used the Red House to stage his Birthday and other parties. He is a part of the bigger scheme of shutting up the potential opposition to Jagdeo's con of Guyana and the rape of Guyanese assets.
Finally, in this article, we look at the son of Repu Daman Persaud. He has an illegal Television system that is allowed to pirate movies. This makes millions of dollars for the Persauds.
Note that these three cases above have effectively silenced the three top persons in the PPP: The Don Ramotar, Hairy Nokta and Repu Damn Persaud.
The odd ball is Komal Chand. He has no boys to be bought out and is not interested in wealth. So he will soon be silenced.

Friday, June 18, 2010


No money for policy holders is possible now …or EVER. 
Fact is, the money belonging to CLICO Guyana has been invested in Miami as revealed when the Liquidator of CLICO Bahamas did an audit of its accounts.
To date the Government of Guyana has failed to address the issue at hand and pay policy holders their monies knowing very well that the coffers of Bank of Guyana could make the payments.
From the President to the Finance Minister to the Head of the Presidential Secretary - all were confident that CLICO Guyana will recover the monies invested and have said so publicly.
But why doesn’t this confidence translate into the payment of the millions of dollars Geeta Singh-Knights have knowingly squandered.   
The Liquidator of CLICO Bahamas made public several issues that the government nor the Financial Intelligence Unit have decided to investigate. 
How is it funds left Guyana for Bahamas? 
For what purpose?
Who made that decision?
Why was the money invested in Miami? 
No one knew when the funds were transferred?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Riddle of the week

Whatever happened to those 10 sealed extraditions that were in the hands of former Attorney General Doodnauth Singh?
Hmmm...Our prediction is that the Pluck Pluck Pluck is ignoring the US’s demands since Chief Crime Boss and friend of the Government, Roger was captured and sent to lock down. 
They probably feel the need to protect these ‘bosses’ as the US tap them on different issues including TIP. 
Yes, we know some of the names that are on that list- they are among the chiefs of chiefs in the Corrupt Crime Family and supporters of Freedom House. 

Friday, June 11, 2010

End the Monopoly!

Every time some thing new comes to Guyana, King Jagdeo has one song to sing:‘I don’t want another monopoly’ 
But where he and his crooked cronies are to benefit he doesn’t mind at all. 
Yes, we hail the King when he weighed into GT&T and brought Digicel! End the Monopoly right! 
But am a little cat staring at the King asking him, please end the monopoly on Electricity, invite another electricity provider please!  
End the monopoly on radio, free up the airwaves. End the monopoly of NCN,give others a chance. 
End the monopoly of free travel around the world,send some others 
Oh and please end the monopoly on greed. Share the wealth!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Open letter to the powers that be

Dear Drs. Jagdeo, Ashni Singh, Ministers Manickchand and Westford or to whom its may concern
     Today is the 9th Day in the month of June and marks almost three weeks since I last received my salary. I must say thank you so much for the 5% increase it gives me a sense of security I have never had before 1992. 
These days I can afford so much more than my family use to as $37,000 has given me immense spending power. I haven’t been able to put aside money for my own home as yet but I know I will live that dream in the near future.
Right now, me and my child mother are subletting a small apartment with her mother but I would like to share with you my expenses to inform your decision making.
Today I have my last thousand dollar and I know that it will take me to work and back until you pay us next week. 
When I collect my salary here is a list of my expenses:
 Electricity – $9789 (a must pay)
 Market (one week supply)
 Rice, not the wholesome kind- $780
2 pounds sugar                        - $160
Salt                                          - $100
Greens and other essentials     - $7000
1 chicken                                  -$ 980
Salt fish                                    -$600
Milk                                          -$1570
 That is almost $20000.
I haven’t put aside money for my travel to work, my child’s daily school expenses nor have I catered for his meals. But I have a solid $17000 left to last me for the rest of the month. This is what I will use to spend to top up the groceries from time to time.
As for the dream of a house, I started to save $100 a month, mostly the coins and fine change I am left with.
I do hope this letter finds each of your well as I can imagine you working hard to make all our dreams come through.


Riddle of the week


Who is this man and what is his relationship with the Greene Bulk?

Clue: Imran Khan, AKA Butcher of the Cocaine in Suitcase, Queenstown shooting and wanted bulletin fame.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


It is time we do some of our own exposures!

Across Guyana, people are being silenced by the vicious attacks on their family, their businesses and their goodwill. Indeed for too long the nonsense has been going on, the slandering and down right nasty talk down of people perceived to be anti-government or anti-Pluck Pluck Pluck.

Run by Child Molester, First Lady and all around girl Kwame MCPhoy, the girls over at the New Garden Street Office can do little to hide anymore.

We hereby name the people behind de blog !
(George Bell here are your colleagues and one of them may be you.)

Here is Kwame ‘Black Pudding”, “Ms. Piggy”, “Buggerer”, “Molester” “Maid” “Madam Crier” “Bill Board poster” McPhoy.
She puts her feminine rants and 'buse every now and then when Mark B targets her as she uses the blog to cuss Tom, Dick, Harrilall, Stabroek, Kaieteur and Freddie.

Next is Bassu Dwarkha, Former QC boy and Tech guy for GINA and OP.
He sits in on Cabinet Meetings, he is responsible for updating the ‘blog’, he sometimes takes pictures but he is responsible for several posts.

Bass, beware you could be sleeping with the enemy and that’s how we got this info!
Employed since 2007 as an IT officer at the Officer of the President, Bassu D is no stranger to lauding the good Jagdeoites.

Next is one of the dumbest lawyers who will ever face the Courts in Guyana.
Trading on his name of his ignorant father and famous Cow Boy of the Nathoo Parlour,
Charles Ramson Jr is assigned to collecting and gathering intel as well and updating the blog with pieces of info he pulls here and there.

The bisexual boy who miraculously studied in England returned to Guyana in 2008 where he spent most of his ‘working’ days in the Company of Lumumba and working at New Garden Street.

And, the last but not least, blogger baby cub of the lot is the current employee of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission and one time traffic briber Robeson Benn Jr.

The little Benn is a playing propagandist trying to play in the big boys league as his father and grandfather did. Little does he know and will find out soon along with Kwame Mc, Pluck Pluck Pluck does very little for black people, especially those who think they can run things.

With all of this happening out of Office of the President, no wonder Jagdeo wants his own cable!

More to come!

Who gets my vote

Who will get my vote in 2011?

1) Whatever party that promise to investigate the lawless corrupt PPP regime.
2) Whichever party that promises litigation for the corrupt Brassington.
3) Whatever party that promises to bring Gerry Gouveia to justice - investigating from the days when he used the Army aircraft to transport drugs and other illegal items to the time when he and Brassington broke all the laws - where Gouveia was a sitting member of the NICIL board while being awarded the Duke Street property.
4) Whatever party that investigates the prepaid contracts that Queens Atlantic gets. Where they receive half the moneys up front to purchase the equipment that will supply the contract requirements. This was done for Ministry of Health contracts and GWI contracts.
5) Whatever party that investigates the amount of property acquired by Jagdeo - or approved by Jagdeo or Fip, Odinga, Robeson Benn, Eddie Boyer etc. All of these now hold or have part holdings for the big one.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Another sad day has dawned for Guyana

Another sad day has dawned for Guyana.

Independent critics of the Government have all come under immense criticism and personalized attacks from the Government spokespersons.

In a particular blog which can be traced to Office of the President,
1) Glen Lal the owner of Kaieteur news has had his children and wife vilified.
2) Freddie Kissoon was attacked and accusations made about his wife and daughter.
3) Christopher Ram has come under intense criticism, being accused of everything under the sun, including drugs.

While we have no affiliations or sympathies for any of the above named, the cold fact is that those three persons are known to be independent persons. And, all have been attacked. We predicted these attacks many posts ago.

In the Guyana Times, we find cartoon about Ram, and ludicrous letters and columns about any one who has dared to oppose the Government. Online one can find the mischievous postings of Chris Ram's family being abused. What did these kids do to be so abused?

Other blogs have been attacked, hacked and shut down. We have also tried to make contact with previous persons associated with this blog to warn them of upcoming attacks since the pattern is clear.

As the hate posts spirals uncontrollably, we can only predict that the wives and children of all and any opposing voice will be viciously attacked. One can expect photoshop adjusted photos to find posting online as the Government knows no boundaries.

May God bless us over the coming weeks.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Some stolen photos

With some serious fun in mind, tonight we stole some fotos from Kwamy's website. That site is being run by Kwamy, RobeBenn son etc.
These photos are taken from Kwamy's site and are artists impressions of the PPP event in berbice.

Friday, June 4, 2010

From a broken wharf an unfinished Tarmac

He has done it again ! Beekay has fished up another major project in this country and No no! He will not be sanctioned! No no, none of those things happen to our friends.

Months AFTER Beekay was to complete work on the Taxiway at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, he still has a lot to. As a matter of fact our Dear Beekay cannot tell the Airport officials and Public Works Ministry when the works would be completed!

Extension in the contract deadline? Your guess is as good a mine!

We know that one part of the Airport Taxi Way has been closed until the end of July and this was after a notice was issued to Airmen at the end of April. And, the Consultants are busy drinking soup from Beekay hands to even bother with this "fish-up".

So BeeKay has roads, bridges and airport taxi ways under his belt, while he is also building his Mall at the corner of Sandy Babb and Vlissengen Road.

How the Bee produces honey eh?

Sweet !

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Carvil Duncan

His smile spells treachery, his face, greed, he is another one of the black fools, a puppet of the Jagdeo gang, a sinister idiot.

Carvil Duncan will move on to the next bowl of soup if the government changes tomorrow.

But we have been observing him since the days of the formation of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions. He was one of those brainless brains who opted to sell out the workers, turn his backs on them and trample on their rights when he stepped away from the large Trade Union body in Guyana, the Guyana Trades Union Congress.

He used this opportunity to make his money, buy new cars, buy new properties and send his daughter to school overseas, some of life’s choices working class Guyanese patients don’t have.

Today his nose is so close in the Champion’s Butt that we not even sure he got an adequate supply of oxygen!

He is hailing, applauding and kissing as at every opportunity he has with the PPPites and the Champion.

He has received several appointments when the PPP sought to put snitches in various constitutional bodies including the ERC where both Duncan and his daughter served.
He is one of the man soup lovers who crossed the Atlantic with the Champion to Copenhagen.

Life is indeed sweet for the few who kiss butts.

The cloak of ICT

We have noted the prominence of the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company recently in the Media, with the arrival of its Fibre Optic Cable and what seems to be the appointment of one of the younger CEOs in the history of the Company.

Both are welcomed but we hope the Company and its young CEO have both eyes opened as the government is sneaking around under this cloak of ICT Strategy.

For one the government owns 20% shares of GT&T and is privy to all information possible about its fibre optic cable, its arrival, its setting up and its promises.

This is the same government that is headed by Chief Tyrant who is bringing his own cable for ‘e-governance’ across the Brazilian Border. Is the Government using its position as minority shareholder to abuse the inside plans of the company - against the company itself? Knowing Jadgeo and Brassington, we see their betrayal of companies' secrets as a real possibility.

We understand that GT&T does not see Jagdeo’s cable as competition since according to Major General Retired Joe Singh his company was assured that Jagdeo’s cable is for ‘e-governance’ only.

If so, then Jagdeo ought to explain why he is claiming that he is breaking a monopoly and what about reducing bandwidth?

Jagdeo must also tell Guyana why he is pursing some call centres not to set up shop in Guyana because of unreliable bandwidth, does he plan to sell his to them and what about that doctor, his friend who needs this cable for this Phone Company something soon?

GT&T better keep their eyes open.

What about government selling their shares in GT&T? isn’t that still open?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The blame-game habit of Guyana's King

We are starting a reflection of his Presidency by looking at several of his statements made in the Media over the years.

Here is fuel for your memory of a man who many thought would have changed the landscape of politics.

The Opening of the 9th Parliament
“I encourage all of you to be faithful to the timeless principle of service, and to be detached from the ambitions of power and the trappings of office. I urge you to execute your duties with pride, simplicity and integrity, and to find in this service a higher calling. There can be no greater honor than to be called to the service of one’s country.”

Maybe he should listen to his own advise !

Mr. Speaker, in the next five years, my Government will work towards the political, economic and social transformation of our country in which all of our people will have equal access to resources and benefit from economic development and improvement in social conditions.

Equal access? Is that how you explain the Queens Atlantic Deal?

The underlying pillars of the new political framework will include meaningful engagement with all political parties; reform of the legislative and judicial branches of Government; and continuous engagement of the progressive civil society in the governance of this country.

Ha ha meaningful engagement

HIS YEAR 2000 Promises
A special “crime crack force,” along the line of a SWAT team will be set up to complement existing units. A large enough group of special trained and well-provided-for armed officers and ranks will form this crack force and will respond mainly to these new forms of criminal activities and acts of domestics terrorism.

Yes that happened, hence extra judicial killings and torture that followed

A comprehensive reform of the Intelligence sector to strengthen intelligence gathering to support the fight against crime, narco-trafficking and threats to internal security will be undertaken.

Employment of Roger Khan

Legislation would be introduced to provide for closer monitoring of certain categories of deportees


2001 Acceptance speech
My vision is to create a country in which everyone has a sense of belonging and an opportunity to continue to its development.


MAY DAY speech 2003
Government has, as its top priority, the continued improvement of the living standards of workers and the reduction of poverty throughout the country. This is manifested in Government’s involvement and emphasis on the issue of tackling poverty over the recent years.

Yes the continued degradation of workers, lowering wages and salaries, impositions and racism in the Public Service.

The Government has placed immense emphasis on the importance of the National Labour Movement to the development of the country and in particular the well being of the Guyanese workers.

Lovely! A national labour movement meant the continued politicization of the Labour Movement, stifling of one faction of the labour movement while appointing Labour Union heads to political positions and taking some of them on overseas trips.

Here are some of the most important wheels we are missing in this ‘democracy’
President Champion and Opposing Everything leader Corbin signed a Communiqué in May 2003 and promised us, the fools among these:
- National Policy on Land and House lots Distribution
- The Appointment of the Public Procurement Commission
- A Human Rights Commission
- Local Government Reform
- Radio Monopoly and Non Partisan Boards
- Border and National Security Issues including the Recapitalisation of the GDF
De-Politicisation Of The Public Service
- The Appointment of a Commission of Inquiry into the Operations of the Guyana Police Force
- Agreements for the Electricity Sector

Shall we go on??

Guyana Times launching 2008
“You know me; I am controversial and I don’t care at this stage of my life,” President Jagdeo


To Yesu Persaud
“Mr. Persaud, you are falling right into the trap of the ignorant people who have been saying this over and over again (the negotiated deal) but we chose not to respond to it because we knew that it would continue”

His best excuse on the Queens Atlantic Deal

On signing the EPA 2008
“To sign EPA is to forfeit economic sovereignty”

“We had extensive discussions and I still feel strongly that we are entering into an Agreement that will undermine some aspects of the regional integration movement.”

On David Clarke 2009
“From now on if you believe all that this informant is saying, you have to also believe that he (Waddell) was a member of the Buxton gang and that he was in criminal enterprise,

The quick to blame black people game

When Roger Khan issued a full page ad saying he was helping the government fight criminals I publicly said at that time, ‘you tell us which Government you are helping because it couldn’t be this government,

What about those meetings eh?

On Roger Khan 2009
I have said before, Khan said several things, he said that [former Commissioner of Police Winston] Felix was undermining the Government of Guyana too, he said he had taped conversations with people sharing information who are linked to drug dealers

The blame game continues

I have never put any store on what Roger Khan has said in the past or not said. I never decided whether he is guilty or not guilty, so if he pleads guilty he has to face the consequences that is clear.

What history will say about you Mr. Jagdeo.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

All hail the Mighty Oozeness

Once again we witness the ooze spewing out from the elected President of Guyana. It is our view that the President of Guyana has lied to the public more than any other president in the world at his time. Whether it has to do with duty-free vehicles, mining concessions, cabinet outreaches, ramjattan’s expulsion, janet jagan’s leadership, bobby ramroop’s gifts, Gerry gouveia’ gifts, the amalia falls hydrocele project or the government’s fiber optic cable.

Lies have formed a every increasing, every present flowing of fermented verbiage coming out of his excellency’s mouth.

How can the nation stand the level of deceit that is being foisted on them?

We will soon put together a chronology of Jagdeo’s lies one of these days as we attempt to document Guyana’s slide into a hopeless, hapless, crime-infused nation in which the friends of the president has risen to great wealth due to their association with the President.

Yet, this man, nay, this fading light of what was a human, looks the public in the eye and lies more and more – each and every time that he talks to them. They literally threw filth in Fredie's face, but throw more nasty verbal filth to our intelligence every day!

Let’s look at the LCDS project. How many persons KNOW of the total amount spent by Jagdeo on the LCDS project so far. We see the “3rd edition” (ref 3rd term) of his strategy document on LCDS. Who paid for that and who/what body approved those expenditures? We see Amerindians feted and partied and airplaned to places to give a show of support for the LCDS, at whose cost? Isn’t it true that we have already spent US$20million on this project? WHO is approving this release of funds? From WHAT account? Who is paying for all the billboards praising the Jagdeo’s Champion filthood? Where are those funds coming from. Could the GRA and Sattaur explain the collection of VAT for those billboards? Where are the funds coming from, and to whom?

We will continue. We will build a Fippin dam to stop this filth!