Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stories of the dark - Safdar Ali

As all eyes were on Shadfar Ali, the REO now infamously known for being wanted by the Police.

One B. Johnson and Nanda Kisson were busy writing President Bharat Jagdeo and the Dr. Roger Luncheon about other characters, Sewchand, the Permanent Secretary in the Local Government ministry and Ashford Ambedkar the Deputy REO. As long back as 2008 Johnson wrote President Jagdeo asking him for an investigation into Sewchand.
This Johnson said that he is a staff member of the Local Government Ministry.

In a letter dated 27th May, 2008 Johnson said that it looks like all the contacts recommended by the Sewchand are awarded by the National Tender Board.
He told the President in this letter that a contractor from region 5, one ERROL LALL tendered in the later 2007 for Purain #2 Bridge at Blairmont, but Lall was not the lowest bidder. Johnson said that Lall won the $17 million contract because he was recommended by SEWCHAND.

Johnson went on to say that LALL won the award for the Lusignan Nursery School. Lall again was not the biggest bidder.

Johnson added in that letter to the President that SEWCHAND continues to make several recommendations for contracts to be given out. He listed the purchase of a Low bed for Region 6 and the construction of the Region four RDC office.

Johnson alleges that Sewchand continues to collect quotations and send to the Regional offices and tells them who to buy from.

All this information is in writing to President Jagdeo and yet not one investigation!

In another letter, Nanda Kisson of Nanda Parlour Grocery in Enmore wrote Dr. Roger Luncheon displaying what she described as frustration with the attitude of Deputy Region Four Executive Officer, Ashford Ambedkar.

Kisson said that she was a supplier for the region in 2009 but every time she received her payments he would have to give Ambedkar with 5% of the payment!

Kisson said that one Saturday morning Ambedkar called her and told her that his telephone and electricity would be disconnected is the bills are not paid. Kisson said that

Ambedkar threatened that if the bills were not paid he, Kisson would not receive payments due to her.

Kisson in the letter to Dr. Luncheon said that she borrowed money from her sister and paid the bills.

Kisson in that same letter said that on Christmas Eve day. Ambedkar called her and told her that ‘things brown for the holiday and if nothing na dey’.
Kisson said that she hired a taxi and sent Ambedkar $25000. Kisson told Dr. Luncheon that Ambedkar also requested $35000 in beverages.

The Single parent of Two told Dr. Luncheon that she would be willing to testify if necessary. That letter was copied to the Auditor General, the Local government Ministry and the Public Service Ministry.

To date…

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