Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Corbin's Household assistants

Investment of the taxpayers continued

See document here

Corbin - Household Assistants
Contents read:

14 October 2009
Ms Paula James
Principal Assistant Secretary – Finance (ag)
Office of the President
New Garden Street
Bourda, Georgetown
Dear Ms James
Refund for Household Assistants – Leader of the Opposition
Please find attached the disbursement receipts Nos. 66381- 66382 and HPS
Ordinary Imprest Vouchers for payment to two (2) senior household assistants for
the month of September 2009 totalling $65,664 (sixty five thousand six hundred
and sixty four dollars).
I would be pleased if the necessary arrangements be made for reimbursement.
Yours sincerely
Robert H O Corbin, MP
Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform &
Leader of the Opposition

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