Sunday, March 28, 2010

It pays to have friends

Pharmaceutical baron turn media Mogul Dr. Bobby Ramoop may never speak publicly, as a matter of fact he will never avail himself to the media or such agencies to be questioned. We would not respect any interview he gives to Times Tv or Guyana Times but Dr. Ramroop as a ‘major’ player needs to open his mouth.

The man rose to fame as a major player in his company, the new Guyana Pharmaceutical Company, a company known for the local producing medical supplies and medication but also receiving shady contracts from the Health Ministry (the same Company that produced ARVs that saw the watchful eyes of the US Government pulling its funds from that Project forcing us to seek ARVs overseas)

But, Dr. Ramroop’s bread is well buttered, a friend of a President and close confidant, the man could close his eyes and breathe money. The well known ‘indian elite’ is also noted for receiving a ‘sweetheart’ deal, better known as the Queen’s Atlantic Deal, a series of unlawful concessions for Ramroop’s Company.

These deals might have been backed dated to when Ramroop acquired the Sanata Textiles Property but who is checking?

But will Dr. Ramroop ever speak publicly?

Reports are that he was once cornered for an interview by a Former Stabroek News Senior Journalist but told her that he would grant her an interview when she leaves that Newspaper.

Ramroop may never be able to explain how he single handedly acquiring billions of dollars in contracts from the Health Ministry?

He may never be able to explain why he and Eddie Boyer continue to fight Robert Badal over the East Bank Demerara Property

He may never venture to explain the Queen’s Atlantic deal and how he got duty free concession to import pieces of equipment that are still to be used.

And what about explaining this telephone company and Commercial bank, Ramroop is now touted be behind??

It pays to have friends.

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