Monday, March 1, 2010

Great investment for Guyanese Taxpayers - II

Great investment for Guyanese Taxpayers, Part II

We continue our analysis of the great investments that Guyanese taxpayers are proud to make. In the last installment we showed how each taxpayer is investing in the person and assets of the President.

In this second part, we will show how our taxpayers invest in the person and assets of the opposition leader.

We hope that at the right time, we can claim fair share of returns from these persons and their assets.

Unlike the previous paper, this bill must be on the conscience of the Opposition Leader since it is yet to leap off the Order Paper into the debate.

Leader of the Opposition (Benefits and other Facilities) Bill
1. Rent free, furnished office accommodation

2. Medical attention including medical treatment and reimbursement of medical expenses incurred by him for himself and dependent members of his family

3. Full time security at his home

4. Services of a secretary, executive security, chauffeur, gardener and domestic help

5. Vacation allowance applicable to that of the government minster (usually is 2 first class tickets)

More to come.

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