Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Special talent - significant skills

Geeta Singh Knight - the person who caused the most flagrant abuse of investment laws in Guyana has been praised for her special skills by the President of Guyana.

In a recent press release, Jagdeo praised Knight for her significant skills. I guess, no one was looking at Jagdeo to see which foot was in his mouth as he made that statement. He then went on to note that no one siphoned moneys out of Clico Guyana.

What are the facts?
There are laws that control the amount of money that can be invested overseas by any institution. Apparently, Ms. Knight (like Jagdeo) realized that she had significant skills and the laws did not apply to her. So she sent (no siphoned) all the poor people's money to Bahamas.

With the realization of the impending crash, she spoke to Jagdeo. They arranged for certain transfers to save certain institutions and persons. Todate no public declaration has been made as those last minute deals that took place.

What deals took place between NIS (headed by Luncheon), Berbice Bridge (Headed by Knight herself) and NBS (Headed by Gopaul) and Jagdeo? No one will know of the liquid flows of money!

But, the poor people who tied up their savings for annuity - and even the mighty GAWU was not spared the blemish of Ms. Knight's significant skills.

Is it not criminal therefore that she broke the investment laws or insurance laws or whatever they are called?

However because of the things she now has to hide, she is awarded with heading the Audit Committee of the largest sugar company in the Caribbean!

What more? She is supposed to be the spouse of a former Finance Director of the same sugar company.

Significant skills! This is $$ not Samille!

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