Friday, February 5, 2010

Trips and Deals

Numerous letters have been written to the press on Jagdeo trippps. Not many writers are aware of the people that have accompanied Jadgeo on his trippps especially the more recent ones.

1) The trippp to Iran was with the Blackout Brassman, whose brother will work with the GoG to set up the e-governance system in Guyana.

2) The trippp to Surinam: the secret meetings to map out communications strategies that would link venezuela's Chavez with Bouterse in Surinam with the Russians.

3) Finally the trippp to Russia to iron out the financing of the commmunicaiton deal with Bourterse, Chavez and the Russians.

4) This trippp to Russia - who accompanied the president? None other than the owner of the Queens Atlantic. This is the guy on whose behalf the Government changed Guyana's laws to facilitate his business. Guess what other businessman went to Russia with them?

Is there more to these Iran, Surinam, Russia trips? Are we all missing something here?

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