Friday, February 5, 2010

More on Trippps & Deals

The recent three trips of the President is clouded in conspiracy.

On one hand Jagdeo announced his own cable which initially was supposed to be non-commercial but is now touted as "the cable that will bring prices down" therefore clearly commercial.(J)

Then, the likelihood that Quack or Brassman will have the management contract for the cable - link this to Brassman's trip to Iran.(W)

Then, the making of a third telephone operator - link this to the Qai Doctor trip to Russia. (B)

It seems like there is a clear plan emerging for telecommunications in Guyana that will be owned by the triumvirate (JBW).

Finally in this post we see that the Qai doctor is to do cable TV soon starting in berbice. Is this based on the e-governance brazilian-venezuelean-surinamese-russian cable that will be non-commercially giving him the connection to do his thing across country?

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