Sunday, February 7, 2010

Those persons who accompany Jagdeo

Who are the people that accompany Jagdeo on his trips?

1) Brassing Blackoutman a) Brassin Blackoutman went on trips. He is the head of NICIL. This is the only entity that receives money from various sources without any accounting or reporting to treasury, Finance or parliament. More than 24 Billion $ have been paid into NICIL.How much has been paid over to the consolidated fund?

b) We wonder if hen is affiliated in anyway with the brassington that is associated with the russian mafia. See this link for this scoop if we assume that the above is false, the further disclosure is needed: Who really owns the island in Essequibo and how was it acquired? Who sold/leased it to whom and what transparent process was followed?

2) Gerrymandering Goveya. Now the bigger owner of prime, previously-government-owned properties.

3) Ed Buyer: The best and most recent recipient of prime property.

4) Dr. Queensman of the Atlantic. This may well be the biggest beneficiary of government property, legal gifts and prepaid contracts.
a) The owner of a television station and newspaper, soon to be owner of a cable network compliments of GoG. Soon to be telecoms owner, of-course non-commercial.

Closing question: what is the link between the russian mafia, the surinamese elections, Chavez and Jagdeo? (Hint: 45million USD).

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