Sunday, February 7, 2010

AFC is Wrong on Jagdeo's trippps

The AFC is totally out of whack in its assessment of the cost of Jagdeo's tripps overseas. We aree going to analyze the cost benefit of these trips as follows:

According to the AFC release the trippps' cost are accumulated at $1Billion.

Let is add 10% interest over avg 2-and-a-half yrs, that brings us to 1.25billion.
Lets add 10% opportunity cost (money usable elsewhere)and 500% loss (being out of office and not assenting to laws or other work in a timely fashion.

Total = $7 BILLION

Now, lets add his gains on the trips like per diem (if any), salary received during this time, the excess staff accompanying his (their salaries etc), total now is approx $10 billion.

How much did he TRY to write off this last trip? Was it 50mil USD? That is approx $10billion G$....

Some further questions:
1) Who pays for the private sector and personal friends that accompany Jagdeo on his trips? This latest trip to Russia included the Queens Atlantic owner.
2) Who approves the persons that accompany jagdeo?
3) Who costs the private accomplishment of these individuals on these tripps?

More to come later.

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