Thursday, August 27, 2009

GuySuCo - the dying goose!

Estates' workers on Strike

Two of the sugar estates have virtually come to a standstill due to the industrial action of the workers.

Strike action is often justified for many reasons, esp since the workers must continue to demand a better living for their families. However, these strives are ill-timed and bad for Guyana. The fact is that the company cannot afford to pay. Yes there is wastage and corruption. The audit department is a waste of time as is most of the middle and senior management. However, this important industry is facing serious cassh problems.

Clearly giving Jagdeo their thumb, the workers have reacted negatively to Jagdeo's speech of last week (he called for workers to work hard). We believe that the sugar workers and all other workers need to be firm and create some sort of pressure because of the huge corruption in the country. However, to strike against their own industry is directly killing the goose that has already ceased to lay the golden egg.

UPDATE - Aug 28, 2009
Strike has ended.
Outcome: $20 increase in per bed rate for obstacles
Fire (lasting fro 5 hours) destroyed approximately 36 beds of cane.

The overall problems continue at GuySuCo. Management, leadership and strategic view...

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