Thursday, August 27, 2009

GuyExpo pushed back

GuyExpo 2009 has been pushed back to October 1.

There are any numbers of speculative reasons for this move. The primary one is that Clico is no longer here, so the big sponsor of last year is missing. Who will take up the slack?

Another reason premised is the poor indications for occupancy at the exposition. Afterall, every year it is the same thing, over and over again. No change to the exposition, no change to Guyana, no change to business in Guyana. The only change has been the contractors bank account.

Digicel who has also come into the country, like Clico, blowing hot and red, seems to now be simmering after the poor bimmering. Nothing seems to be happening from that camp as all they are interested in is promoting their own brand - no nationalistic streak there.

With the problems between GT&T and GoG, they (GT&T) may not be too eager to be footballed around as GoG has already branded all GT&T's contribution as a business deal not nationalistic.

Who else? Let's call on....

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