Friday, August 28, 2009

The GPL connnundrum and LCDs

GPL is one of the remaining monopolies in Guyana. It is a true monopoly unlike the others like GT&T that the GoG is trying to break up - no one is talking about breaking up the GPL monopoly.

This company is not charging many customers in certain areas for their use of electricity. The rest of the nation has to pay for them all. It has complained that most people steal electricity in one way or another. The owner of the company is the Government of Guyana.

The GoG on the other hand is preaching Low Carbon Development Strategy - yet is spending millions on fortifying the fuel-burning GPL. Can Guyanese for one moment think of the following:
1) GoG champions LCD, yet pollutes Guyana with its GPL
2) GoG champions LCD yet penalizes Guyanese for bringing in newer energy effcient cars - that is, Guyanese are forced to bring in only cars more than 10 years old. They cannot affort the taxes on newer vehicles.
3) Finally imagine this: if the world bodies were to agree to give Guyana money for its LCDs (which is definately not happening), think what woudl happen to GPL, Vehicle usage, oil-exploration, mining etc. All would be banished!

Each Guyanese has been criminalized by the State. Using various means and methods the Guyana Government has virtually caused every citizen of Guyana to become a criminal.We conclude by saying that the GoG criminalizes everyone in Guyana in many ways:
1) GPL
2) The Policemen

And this so-called "working class" government cannot understand that people steal electricity becasue they cannot pay the high rates. Reduce the rates and everyone will pay. You will gain more. Look at what happenned to VAT.


  1. One point: who ran the Berbice bridge that initially penalized people for using the bridge?
    Who's running the GPL monopoly that is overcharging people?

  2. Good point. GT&T could teach them a thing or two about what the customers do in response to high rates. They find means of bypassing the system!