Monday, June 22, 2009

How crowded is Guyana?

Guyana is a crowded country. The emigrant population is creating problems for the Government as the challenge for distribution of land remains a tough one.

The Government is cognizant of this fact - that is why they give out very small houselots. Land given out by the Government can only accommodate a regular size house and maybe an outhouse. Government caters for the outhouse because there is an environmental plan for a non-sewage Guyana in the future. The Hope canal will either spread everything or wash into the ocean after flooding its banks annually.

An analysis of the population density of Guyana gives the proof of how crowded this country is. With 215,000 km2 and 700,000 people we have only 0.3 of km2 per person!So really, this country is too crowded.

No wonder people are leaving in droves. Nothing to do with economic problems or crime or any such negative! There's just not enough land around for everyone!

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