Monday, June 15, 2009

Anyone lying about GuySuCo?

Positively untruthful politicians

Who is responsible for the GuySuCo loss of finance from EU? Here is what Ramjattan said in an article in Kaieteur news.
Quoting from Hansard:
Ramjattan: Are we going to get these documents? They are so important that we get them!
Persaud: No, the documents will be provided once we complete the various …..we are engaged in discussions with the EU and some other stakeholders in finalizing ….
Ramjattan: How early?
Persaud: I do not want to tell.
Ramjattan: Give us a projection.
Persaud: I would say some time in the last quarter of 2008”.
The article continues:
Yet when the bubble burst recently concerning the loss of over $1.6 B to GuySuCo as a result of the non-delivery of the Business Plan to the European Union by the March 2008 extended deadline, this same Minister in defence stated that the Business Plan was indeed completed and was in Cabinet as of March 2008 and was given to the EU as of June 2008. This, after the Minister had told us in the Economic Services Committee on 11th July 2008, when he was being questioned, that the Business Plan was not completed.
This Minister was not being truthful, frank or candid to us in the Economic Services Committee. He was bloody lying. His latter position was irreconcilable and contradictory to the one he shared with us in the Economic Services Committee. For this alone he should resign. The loss of that massive sum of $1.6 B under his stewardship in itself is a sufficient other ground. But he would not. In Guyana, under the present PPP regime, this kind of inefficiency may very well realize for this Minister a promotion to the Presidential candidacy for 2011.

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