Sunday, June 14, 2009

Guyana never took down a drug lord

Stabroek news says that Guyana has never prosecuted a drug lord
That's positive, ain't it? We never trouble the people that fund our development!
Who are these drug lords?
Look at their contribution to the development of Guyana. Can we do without them?
They fund our election campaigns to begin with (and election coming up)
They own the high new spanking building in and around georgetown.
They fund newspapers and opinion makers.
They own islands in Essequibo
Without them would we have malls and plazas?

They fund ... hey they fund us all who live in Guyana!

After all, Guyana, a poor country, got Prados, Hummers, 5-story buildings, Yachts etc.
So, do we leave our lords alone?

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