Saturday, July 21, 2012

Linden's cry

It is always a sad day when police and citizens clash. The current woes of Lindeners are multi-faceted.
The politicians of Guyana continue to lead people, like the pied piper, blindly to point of no return. The Linden situation has many layers.
1) Why should the rest of the country pay for the electricity cost of Lindeners? It is criminal of the PPP government to NOT charge Lindeners for electricity, which the rest of us have to pay for. Each persons must bear their own burden! We are all suffering. In this case, therefore, we support the move to have a small cost of electricity to be borne by the consumers in Linden. We understand that they still will get their first 50 watts free, thereafter they pay a fraction of the national rate. So it is still subsidized. We feel that over five years, Lindeners should be brought to the national rate level.
2) We disagree with the violent approach of the police. While we understand the nature of crowd hostility, killing is unwarranted. Guyana is not the only country with its share of problems and civil unrest. We are not the only country whose small minded politicians-wannabees go out to incite crowds. So let us learn how other countries manage these things! We must not kill our own citizens.
3) The protesters continue to exhibit zero human sense in their approach to challenging Government. Always its the women and children in front, while the call-to-arms by Bond and his ilk are making Guyana return to the days on unrest and mass killings.Where was the Linden Chamber of Commerce before the chaos descended? Where was the Private Sector Commission before the chaos came? Why have they not met with the Government to demand a solution? Where are the NDC? the School teachers? the churches? the town council????


  1. well said but its obvious you is another narrow minded PPP. its not that the people of Linden don't want to pay equal rates with the rest of the country. The rest of the country have equal opportunity for jobs equal TV and Radio stations the rest of the country has a better quality of life except for the people in Linden. Your narrow PPP mind only allows you to see the rates increase and not the whole picture.
    Learn this "WHERE THE GOVERNMENT FAIL TO PROVIDE FOR THE POOR THEY PAY DARE TO PROTECT THEMSELVES FROM THEM. its already happening the President and any PPP member is afraid to visit Linden.