Friday, July 20, 2012


Dear Editor 
      Guyana recently witnessed a bizarre corporate revolution with the resignation of GTT’s CEO whose ebullient spirit was all over the country. Not many people knew that GT&T’s chairman also resigned and was replaced instantly. 
Joeseph Singh (JS) and (SJ) Sonita Jagan then jus’ “tun up”! These two with the same initials “tun-up” to switch us back. 
     Singh, who has been a pawn for the Americans since his Army days, is new Chairman of GT&T’s board and its CEO and is also Chairman of the Gold Board and chief adviser to Government on security (along with GeeGee). 
     It signals high-level corruption in Guyana fuelled by ATN which is allowing these new appointments by paying an employee of Office of the President. Singh and Jagan have been on ATN payroll for the past decade even when Singh was working at OhPee and Jagan was in USA. Everyone knows that a GT&T’s driver worked for Singh while he was working at OP as well with the entire Jagan family. Is there a sinister plot here? The bribery of previous and current GRA officials is well known through. 
      Was ATN keeping Singh to influence the Government while he is on both the payrolls of ATN and Government? Is Singh back now to control Government’s action on the monopoly? Will Singh and Jagan now influence the APNU and AFC to adopt the ATN brand of legislation by doling out american dollars to them? Of course corruption is nothing new to ATN. Some of us older people remembers ATN’s involvement in paying off officials in Guyana. Dating back to the payment for the privatization deals when ATN bought GTC, paying off of judges, commissioners, lawyers and even ministers, a lot of people were paid off over the past twenty years. The last CEO's anti-Government stance obviously upset ATN who signalled their new intent with return of Singh and Jagan.
     And so ATN’s new-old faces now ‘tun-up’ to “switch” back to the good old days of fraud, industrial relations conflict and corruption of officials. 
    Break this monopoly now!

 S. Issacs

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